Carb counting ebook

I'm a newly diagnosed type 1. I'm in the hospital now, will be released Sunday. I need an ebook that shows the carbs in foods, what is the best one?

Hi Madison,

Calorie King is pretty good, they have an online site and I think they have an app for phones too:

A lot of diabetes classes/endos etc. give you the book for free.

I hope you're feeling a bit better now :-)

Thanks, I just bought the kindle edition of calorie king from amazon. I couldn't find a calorie king app on the play store. I'm trying out the USDA food database free from play store. Do you know of a better one? What is the android app for diabetes log book?

There's a fairly handy site called NutritionData that I have bookmarked. And yes--Calorie King was the first one I got, though I got a pocket edition that I can carry in my purse because I'm a lo-tech person. You might want to also find Blood Sugar 101--Jenny Ruhl's website/book/etc. Very helpful.

I'm not T1, but share many of the worries you will have now. Do stay in touch and let us know how we may help as you redefine yourself in relation to our common scourge.....Blessings to you, my dear.....Judith in Portland....

I like an app called "Lose It!" It has a database. It's sort of marketed as a weight loss tool but has a really large database of foods. If you're in the US or if they have UPC codes on food in Japan, you can scan them in with the camera on your phone. It's similar to My Fitness Pal but I like the increments and interface on Lose It! better. It saves "your food" so if you eat whatever regularly, it's even easier to access and you get kind of a personal group of foods and any new things you try will save to your list. It also will break it down by meal and give you a total so if you have bread (2 slices at 13G of carbs each), peanut butter (7G)and skim milk (10G) it will add up the total to 30G of carbs, and 15G of protein and however much fat.

I have sometimes used 'My fitness pal' it is a mobile app for calories and has a nice US database. I do not know about Japan however.

Calorieking only has an app for iphones/ipads, I haven't a clue why they don't have an android app yet. You can use their website for looking up foods though. It's what I use, it has the largest food database of anything out there, though its definitely focused on cuisine that is found in the US.
Mysugr is an excellent logbook app that gives you some incentives to log, exercise, etc.

I use this one: