Lithium Batteries?

Does anyone know if we should be using the Lithum batteries in the pump if we put the pump against our skin most of the time? Wondering if there will be negative effects later down the road?

I never really thought about it, but actually my pump is never directly against my skin. If it’s clipped or in a pocket then clothing usually is a barrier I would think? Hmm… Never put it in my bra or anywhere else against my skin so I really don’t have an opinion to your question. lol

I put my pump in a baby sock and then put it in my bra. But I too had never thought about there being a problem. I will be interested to see what others have to say.

I don’t get it. Why do you think there would be a problem?

Well, I’ve heard that there could be a potential for problems down the road. It’s said that being exposed to increased levels of lithium over time can result in lithium toxicity. I don’t know for sure if this could be a problem for us pump users w/ lithium batteries, but wanted to see if anyone knew anything further on the subject. It puzzles me & I wanted to find an answer, so that I can feel somewhat safe… or not.

Hi Maden,

Why would you assume there would be lithium leaking out of a sealed battery? I’m not sure it would be, and I’m not sure it would have any effect at all other than to power the pump. Maybe someone more scientific could explain.

I would think there would be more of a problem with a cell phone battery than a pump battery. Lets face it people have their cell phones attached to their heads 24/7and our pumps are probably in a much safer place, lol. But seriously I dont think our pump batteries are a problem.

Susi is correct. The lithium battery is totally sealed system. The lithium (lithium cobalt) is encased in the battery and there is no exposure handling a battery or using an electronic device using that type of battery. You’ll get more exposure to lithium that naturally occurs in water and foods.

Thanks Guys!

Slightly off-topic, but definitely a consideration for using lithium batteries. I’ll try not to make this sound too techy, but I would be more concerned about insufficient warning of low battery (they last a long time on a pump, but the battery charge monitor probably isn’t set-up for them). I put them in my son’s pump (was not calibrated for lithium batteries), and it appeared to have full charge, then suddenly went from fully charged to no power (with very little warning). We have always have had great performance from the Energizer Titaniums (don’t work for the battery company… just have found them to work best).