Little bit scared

My BG is low…for a few days. Scary low. 33. I have lowered basal from 7.3 to 5.86, .025 per hour. Not helping. Obviously insulin sensitive, even after 65 years of T 1. Changed IC rates. Nothing works. Changed correction rates. Still not going.

Even had Thai tonight…rice noodles. Oooh. Up to 116. It’s such a downer. I do things right. Mind my Ps and Qs.

Is your basal rate 0.25 units/hour for all 24 hours? Is “7.3 to 5.86” a lowering of a meal bolus dose you delivered? Not sure what your insulin status is. What is your total daily dose of insulin?

The simple answer to your question is that you have become very insulin sensitive and need less insulin. Some lowered combination of basal and bolus is likely your solution. You could even stop taking insulin for some meals, if need be.

I suspect that as we age, our insulin sensitivity can increase and we need less. I had a friend in her 80s who got to the point where she could eat fresh fruit and corn on the cob without bolusing. She was ecstatic! She said it was the one good thing about getting old. :roll_eyes:

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As I said, I just lowered the basal rates by .025 across the board. Daily basal is 5.85. Rates change by time of day.

Ive lowered basal and bolus. Insulin to carb, correction. I’m doing the right things.

Yes, I agree.

I have also lowered mine a bit, which for me is typical every summer when I get more active, and more daylight hours.

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@T1Forever, I suggest you find out your RIGHT basal rates for the entire 24 hours daily.
How to do this? Here’s a detailed procedure:

Thanks for the article. I’ve been T1 since 1962 and on a pump since 2002. I do basal test, but find it is a false environment for glucose readings. Never had it really feed me enough good data for making good basal bolus decisions.

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