"Live Food Can Cure Diabetes" is a Scam

I hate to see it look like Tudiabetes is supporting this kind of racket–one which preys on people with Type 2 diabetes.

Nothing “cures” Type 2 diabetes. It can be controlled, sometimes, primarily by eating less carbs and doing whatever you can do to reduce insulin resistance. Exercise, weight loss (if possible) and metformin all help.

Eating sprouts isn’t going to cure you. Nor will the extremely expensive supplements shysters like this promote to you after you’ve shelled out the $199 for their program. Nor will eating uncooked grains and starchy vegetables.

But pitches like this make people very rich, because people always want to believe there is some new “secret” cure and there are always people who would rather pretend to have it than actually help other people recover their health.

I saw the ad, but one look at the header was all I needed to see to know this was not legitimate. But it is educational for the naive and the new diabetic to learn to recognize to make intelligent choices. Food will only affect glucose control, and no one ate their way to diabetes. Conversely, noone can eat their way to cure it.


Hi Jenny,
Was this a Google Ad you saw on the site? Do you remember what was the URL for it, so we can block it?

Never mind: I found the event that was posted.

The member that was promoting this has been banned in accordance to our terms of use, that explicitly forbid the promotion of products or services without consulting with us first.

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention!

You too Debb??? I have to think Jenny for the giggle too!

Well, a scientist in Florida is growing genetically modified lettuce that makes human insulin!