Livongo Partners with ADA, Beyond Type 1, and JDRF On New Direct-to-Consumer Program

Introduces innovative charitable donation program to generate millions of dollars for research and advocacy, and challenges others to join in giving back

Mountain View, CA: May 10, 2017 – Livongo Health, the leading consumer digital health company focused on empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, today announced partnerships with the American Diabetes Association, Beyond Type 1, and JDRF to launch the Livongo Family Care Plan. The Family Care Plan is a comprehensive diabetes management program for people with diabetes and those who love them. This makes Livongo’s offering, which was previously offered only through leading employers, health providers, and health plans, available directly to consumers.

The partnership also provides everyone who subscribes to the monthly program a groundbreaking way to fund vital research and advocacy programs. Livongo will make a $3 donation every month on behalf of each member who subscribes through Beyond Type 1, and JDRF. Separately, Livongo is pledging support for ADA’s Diabetes Innovation efforts and programs to serve the under-resourced diabetes population.

“JDRF is pleased to partner with Livongo and join the other esteemed organizations for our common cause. Many of our constituents have expressed interest in the Livongo program, but it was not available to them,” said Derek Rapp, President and Chief Executive Officer of JDRF. “With this partnership, not only do people with type 1 diabetes benefit from access to this innovative program, JDRF also receives important funds that will go directly toward finding a cure.”

Sarah Lucas, CEO of Beyond Type 1, agreed, stating, “we’re excited to let our members know about Livongo’s innovative program, especially the focus on keeping people safe and ensuring they know they are never alone, while raising funds for the most promising global efforts and programs working to educate, advocate, and cure diabetes.”

Martha Clark, Interim CEO of the American Diabetes Association, added “We are thrilled to be part of this innovative program to help people Livongo’s Family Care Plan combines an advanced, cellular-enabled blood glucose meter with digital tools and personalized messaging, expert support from Certified Diabetes Educators, and unlimited supplies like strips to check blood sugar. It’s also the only program that offers support at critical moments–in real time–for people with diabetes and the people who love them, including the option for text message updates to family members after important glucose readings and 24/7 live outreach when a member’s glucose reading is out of range.

with diabetes lead safer and healthier lives today, while funding diabetes innovation. We want every ADA member to know about Livongo and all of the new technologies and support programs available on the market.”

“Today, Livongo is launching our efforts by committing nearly $200,000 to the leading diabetes research, support, and education foundations in support of their mission. Livongo is also introducing an innovative fundraising model to provide recurring funding for research for a cure, and programs to support people with diabetes until we find a cure. Many diabetes companies are not doing enough to support a cure. We hope to see other diabetes companies commit to increasing support for each of our partners,” said Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer for Livongo. “Our goal is to empower people with diabetes to live better and healthier lives, while funding important research, technology, and advocacy programs.”

Program Pricing, Availability, and Key Features
Starting today, Livongo is offering the Livongo Family Care Plan, a comprehensive diabetes program that provides support at critical moments for people with diabetes and those who love them. It includes the only blood glucose meter with cellular connectivity, over-the-air software updates, along with 24/7 support, and unlimited supplies like strips to check blood sugar at no extra cost. The plan costs $49.99 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment.

The program includes:
The only blood glucose meter with a cellular chip that automatically uploads readings and personalized messaging that provides instant insights, and automatically updates itself over-the-air. No clumsy cables or Bluetooth issues.
The only program that offers 24/7 live outreach from trained Diabetes Specialists when readings are out of range

Unlimited, free test strips so that members can check as often as they want

Option to send text messages to update family and friends immediately after every reading

Expert suggestions with Certified Diabetes Educators via phone, email or text so that members can keep learning how to better manage their diabetes

About Livongo Health
Livongo is the leading consumer digital health company that empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. We have developed a completely new approach for diabetes management that combines the latest technology with coaching. By offering the right information, tools, and support, at the right time, we provide our members with real-time, personalized insights and support to make diabetes management easier. Our approach is leading to better clinical and financial outcomes while also creating a better experience for people with diabetes and their care team of family, friends, and medical professionals. For more information visit: View and download Livongo’s latest images for media use at Twitter: @Livongo

About American Diabetes Association
More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, and every 23 seconds another person is diagnosed with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (Association) is the global authority on diabetes and since 1940 has been committed to its mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. To tackle this global public health crisis, the Association drives discovery in research to treat, manage and prevent all types of diabetes, as well as to search for cures; raises voice to the urgency of the diabetes epidemic; and provides support and advocacy for people living with diabetes, those at risk of developing diabetes and the health care professionals who serve them. For more information, please call the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383) or visit Information from both of these sources is available in English and Spanish. Find us on Facebook (American Diabetes Association), Twitter (@AmDiabetesAssn) and Instagram (@AmDiabetesAssn)

About Beyond Type 1
Founded in February 2015, Beyond Type 1 creates and funds a portfolio of programs, technologies, and innovations that those living with Type 1 diabetes need to manage, live, and thrive. Because Beyond Type 1 Founders and Founding Friends pay all operational and fundraising expenses, 100% of every dollar raised through these programs directly supports the most promising global efforts working to educate, advocate, and eventually cure Type 1 diabetes. By leveraging the power of social media and technology, Beyond Type 1 has been able to connect people living with Type 1 diabetes on global scale – changing what it means to live with this chronic disease. Beyond Type 1’s Instagram campaign “Living Beyond,” showcases the age, range, and variance of those living their best life with Type 1 diabetes, with the website and additional social media platforms providing supplemental education and support. The goal is to highlight the brilliance of those fighting the disease every day while always working toward ensuring a cure is on its way. High profile campaigns, collaborations, and carefully curated special events help provide education and awareness, affording a greater capacity for continued strategic fundraising. For more information on Beyond Type 1, please visit and connect with Beyond Type 1 on Twitter and Instagram at @BeyondType1, and on Facebook at

About Diabetes Hands Foundation
Diabetes Hands Foundation ( brings together people touched by diabetes for positive change to make sure nobody living with this condition feels alone. Diabetes can be a very isolating disease. Diabetes Hands Foundation provides opportunities for people with diabetes and their loved ones to connect and have an open dialogue about their experiences with this chronic condition. Instead of looking at the disease, Diabetes Hands Foundation seeks to understand, connect, and energize the millions of people living with this condition. Diabetes Hands Foundation hosts two active online communities for people touched by diabetes: (in English) and (in Spanish); the Big Blue Test (, a program for empowerment through physical activity; and Diabetes Advocates (, a hub of education, training, and collaboration for advocates in the diabetes space. Find us on Facebook (“Diabetes Hands Foundation” and “Diabetes Hands Foundation en Español”) and Twitter (@DiabetesHF and @ESDiabetesHF).

About JDRF
JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. To accomplish this, JDRF has invested more than $2 billion in research funding since our inception. We are an organization built on a grassroots model of people connecting in their local communities, collaborating regionally for efficiency and broader fundraising impact, and uniting on a national stage to pool resources, passion, and energy. We collaborate with academic institutions, policymakers, and corporate and industry partners to develop and deliver a pipeline of innovative therapies to people living with T1D. Our staff and volunteers throughout the United States and our six international affiliates are dedicated to advocacy, community engagement and our vision of a world without T1D. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @JDRF

Media Contact:
Allan Ng
(650) 382-2909


This is troubling for a couple of reasons.

First, I got an email today from “tuDiabetes” with an offer to buy something (Livongo). You obviously provided my email address to a for profit company for the purpose of solicitation. I don’t think that selling or sharing my email address is keeping in the spirit of my membership here. In fact, I don’t even recall the possibility of my email address being shared or sold was disclosed to me when I signed up here.

Second, it certainly it’s not in keeping with the TOS for this site to sell something through the forums. Valuable members have been banned for even mentioning a place to reasonably buy some supplies.

This obvious commercialization of this diabetes forum is extremely troubling. Is this the new direction TUD plans on moving?


I got the same email today. Why am I being spammed by TuD and Livongo?

If I mention a different site that is non-commercial and does nothing but provide free information to diabetics, I get threatened by admin saying I am violating TOS, and I am not allowed to share that site name.

But TuD can share or sell my email address to a company that makes a profit on diabetes?


Your information has not been sold to anyone; the emails are going out from our TuD database. We are now using Mailchimp to send the newsletters.

That is irrelevant. It appears that TUD is moving toward commercializaction by participating in the solicitation of a commercial product. The fact that you are using theTUD database yourself to do this is even more troubling.

So I suppose now the TOS is now meaningless and admittedly arbitrary?

@Mila it appears that the TUD powers that be are trying to have their cake and eat it too. You better be careful about jumping headfirst into that rabbit hole.


Yeah, also not pleased at the advertising for a very weird service. It’s simply encouraging people with D to not have any autonomy over their treatment. Creepy.


I am more than a little concerned. I explicitly didn’t check the fundraising box on my communications preferences. Why was I sent this ad? How do I opt out?

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I have felt this way in the past and went so far as to voice my displeasure directly to DHF (our parent organization at the time) but I have changed my opinion.

There has always been advertising on TuDiabetes, along with grant money it is what pays the bills. TuDiabetes almost closed down as in gone for ever, when Diabetes Hands Foundation decided to close up shop. All because they could not generate the necessary funds to keep the lights on.

Email advertising is different from what we are used to seeing in the way of advertising. This campaign is more than advertising, it is a way to generate donated funds for BT1 and TuDiabetes.

If It helps secure the funds that keeps our sites operating then I can put up with a bit of commercial solicitation in my Inbox.


I’m sorry to have to disagree with you @Stemwinder_Gary. It’s one thing to have a banner ad on a website, quite another to endorse and sell a third party for profit service via your email database. This is what I was referring to as the rabbit hole. What would be the difference to accept funding from MannKind and send an email to your database endorsing Afrezza and offering the services of an endocrinologist who would prescribe it for anyone? Even if a portion of the proceeds goes to help TUD?

There is a slippery slope here, more so in light of the fact that members have been banned for life under similar circumstances.

For you to sell the TUD name should equally be a ban worthy offense.

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I am a little confused here. This current email advertising campaign is stated as necessary to pay the bills to keep the site running.

However according to the following blurb, this is not necessary as all operating expenses are already covered.

Where am I misunderstanding? is a program of Beyond Type 1, a California-based 501©3 nonprofit organization.
With a focus on education, advocacy, and the path to a cure, Beyond Type 1 has developed a broad ranging portfolio of grantees and programs aimed at improving the lives of people impacted by diabetes. 100% of every dollar raised goes back to the community, because our Founders + Founding Friends pay all operational and fundraising expenses. Beyond Type 1 maintains complete editorial control over and does not enter into any agreements that present a potential conflict of interest.”

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Please let’s be real here, This is not some deep dark plot to flood everyone’s Email with Spam. It is an attempt to secure continuing funding so the programs of BT1 and TuDiabetes can continue.

This is not some snake oil salesman, it is a reputable organization that is fund raising. No one is forcing you to accept it, your browser surely has a delete button, if you are offended then use it.

This is the part that everyone is missing, it all goes back into the communities and its programs.

Apologies. I thought it was a fair question. My mistake.

We will just have to agree to disagree.

Not sure what is the issue here, as it is stated in that press release before the transition Beyond Type 1 was already one of the non-profits participating in that promotion.

All the fundraising money it is reinvested in the programs.

@Mila Of course you don’t see what the problem is here. Neither did the kid who started a forest fire see what the problem was playing with matches.

Things like this rarely start as some deep dark plot. All I’m saying is that, however noble and innocent the project may be, it presents a bad precedent.

Do the ends justify the means? Obviously to you they do. That is quite troubling.