Lo to high within an hour

I am wondering if any of you are experiencing this problem…I’m getting frustrated and having a hard time with this so I thought I would throw it out to all of you and see what happens. I will do a bloodtest in the morning before leaving work (about 7am) and I have a normal reading (4.0-7.0 mmol), I then do a bloodtest when I get to work, which is when I eat breakfast (about 8-8:30am) and I’ve somtimes doubled in reading (8.0-12.0 mmol). The thing I find strange is that I haven’t eaten or drank anything in between. My dr. keeps trying to change my basal so this stops happening but we are unable to find that magic #…does anyone have any advice, it would be much appreciated!


Thanks David…I have looked up the dawn phenomenon and I even talked about it with my endocrinologist, she doesn’t seem to think it’s that but I have no other explanation.

I would eat something and bolus BEFORE I leave the house. Even if it’s only a piece of fruit or the first half of your breakfast.

Finish off your breakfast and bolus for the remainder when you get to work.


I agree with Terry … this happens to me sometimes too. I get up at 6:30am, get ready, then leave and have about a 40 min commute so I don’t usually eat until 8:30am and by then my BG can be well over 200. I also have coffee with atificial sweetener while I drive… I was once told that contrary to popular belief even artificial sweetener will affect BG. This is frustrating for me when I have a 9am-10am Dr appt and they take my fasting BG and even though I’ll have a fairly decent BG before I leave, by the time I drive the 1 1/2 hr to Dr my BG will be above 200. It may have something to do with the liver dumping glucose which I would assume would be later than the “dawn phenomenon”. I have read that everyone, not just diabetics, should eat within a 1/2 hour of waking…So I agree, we should probably be eating before we get to work. If you’re like me, you just don’t want to get up any earlier. I have also been known to take 1 unit right before I leave for work and then bolus for the remainder of my breakfast right before I eat.


does this happen on the weekends? stress (like being stressed about work, or about the commute or traffic) can cause insulin resistance - meaning, your blood sugar could rise without eating. Just a thought.

Amanda, I used to test my bg right away when I got out of bed and the readings were usually good (4-6 mmol). Then I measured an hour after breakfast and the readings were in the 10 range even that I ate almost nothing for breakfast. I never thought of ‘wasting’ a lot of bg strips to figure out what was really going on. I assumed that I knew the answer. Insulin must take a long time to kick in (I am on shots). Now I have a CGM and it is so easy to see what happens. The second I get out of bed my bg starts to rise. As if I ate something. My bg goes up by 1 mmol every 10 minutes. By the time I eat breakfast my bg is at 8 already and the little bit of breakfast cereal with high GI pushes the bg to 10. So what do I do now? I inject when I get out of bed. I switched to a low GI breakfast. My bg no longer spikes above 7 mmol.

OK, thing is that Dawn Phenomenon is more effective than most people understand, and tricky too.
I’ve heard from diabetics that found the best way to avoid the rising bg levels in the morning is to eat a single small cracker BEFORE getting out of bed. This gives the system something to work on, defusing the counter-regulatory hormones and high insulin resistance that comes from going vertical first.

When we go vertical the liver is pushed into action to supply energy to support the new, suddenly large (comparatively speaking) activity level. If you eat a very small amount of carb first it heads it off t the pass, so to speak. It may also be possible to defuse it by having slightly higher bg level before getting up, so the liver isn’t kicked into overdrive.

Maybe your doctor doesn’t think it’s dawn phenomenon because your bedtime & morning readings are similar. This can be due to correct basal doses taming dawn phenon. With a lot of tweaking & even more luck, I have good morning fasting most days with dawn phenon. But if I don’t eat soon after waking up, BG spikes.

I am a pumper and I take humalog.

Thank you so much, I am definitely going to start trying this…I think I’ll bolus as soon as I do a reading even if it is in normal range and then hopefully when I do a bloodtest an hour later it will still be in normal range. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I have heard about that artificial sweetner comment you made, and as of last year, I actually kicked the habit of it. I always used to have it in my coffee, and I found it was actually causing a lot of water retention. Since I have quit using it in my coffee, I do notice a huge difference…the only downfall is getting used to that bitter taste of coffee without it, but you do get used to it. And yes, I agree, I should be eating my breakfast at home, but I will take that extra 15 minutes of sleep any day, LOL!!! I should test it out for a week and see what happens! Thanks

I don’t notice it so much happening on weekends, but I also cheat a bit on the weekends as I don’t get out of bed until a later compared to during the week…you just made me realize though, I eat almost right away once getting up on the weekends so I think I really need to eat something when I first wake up on all days of the week :slight_smile:


From this end of the internet, it sounds like either dawn phenomenon or a stress-related phenomenon. Either way, my take would be the same - increase the basal 2 - 3 hours b4 8AM. You might even decrease your basal prior to that since your fasting is so good.

FWIW, I was diagnosed w/dawn phenom and yet when I retired and went into a lower stress world, my DP disappeared - go figure!

Fair Winds,

I telecommute and have had this problem on the days that I go into the office. I have found that rather than lowering my basal before I wake and going low - which was totally defeating the purpose - my best method was to administer a small bolus just before I left home. I worked upwards till I found a good amount. I think that the reason I tend to go higher is when I think about all I need to accomplish that day and for me the stress level is always higher in the office. Works for me!