Long COVID Effects - New

Some of these are known, but good to review, if you’ve known anyone that was affected.

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A lot of these symptoms (especially the uticaria/other derm involvement and the brain fog) sound like mast cell activation syndrome. I wonder if COVID induces that in people.

Looked it up, and sure enough, MCAS experts are suggesting just that:

Reading it further, it seems to suggest that people with those symptoms may have had abnormal mast cell activity to begin with but not known.


I have recovered from COVID and still have the post COVID symptoms. Fatigue (comes and goes like a rollercoaster), bone pain, joint pain, the feeling of fingers and toes being swollen and stiff (comes and goes), shortness of breath and overall weird pains. Recently had sharp needle like pain in my ankles. my left ankle locked up. I heard from a former co-worker that her husband who had COVID has experienced the same types of joint and bone pain I have experienced. COVID is nasty.

Have you been vaccinated? I’ve read that can sometimes help resolve long COVID problems.

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Going for the vaccine today. Thank you for the info on the vaccine. I had never heard that it could help with the post covid symptoms

Some articles…

NY Times

Some Long Covid-19 Patients Feel Better After Vaccine Doses - The New York Times (nytimes.com)


Some Covid-19 long haulers say vaccines may be relieving their symptoms. Researchers are looking into it - CNN


COVID-19 Vaccine May Provide Relief For Long-Haulers : Shots - Health News : NPR

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Thank you for posting those links. @mistermister I hope that you see significant post-vaccination benefits.

Stay safe (and, hopefully, vaccinated …) everyone.


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So I took my vaccine on Saturday April 3rd. This past weekend I noticed that the post covid pain I was experiencing has subsided a bit. Not as bad as it was. You may be onto something James.

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