Long time no visit!

I haven’t browsed tudiabetes in some time now! I took a bit of a health break / baking binge between Thanksgiving and the new year, well as much of a break as any for me—meaning I just didn’t wear my CGM, exercise, or watch what I ate. It wasn’t very pretty, but no catastrophes.

In any case, I’m back on my CGM, daily exercise program, and eating better now and I no longer feel burnt out and grumpy about taking care of myself. So yay January.

Over the last couple weeks I solved a problem I’d been having for probably well over a year: ITCHY pump sites. I think the red, itchiness was progressive over time, so it was easy for me to ignore how bad it got. And well, sometimes I’m just lazy and don’t want to mess with little things. But something prompted me to google my problem again a few weeks ago and I came across an old thread where someone mentioned IV Prep as the culprit.

UGH DUH! I considered the set adhesive first because that’s the direction I was most point to, but didn’t put much stock into after trying sets other than Quick sets and not seeing improvement. I also considered it could be my Apidra insulin, and the thought of that made me just deal with the itch because I love Apidra that much. Why IV Prep never occurred to me, I’ll never know.

So, I’ve stopped using IV Prep for many site changes now and have not had the smallest inkling of an itch or red bumps since.

Sometimes, my stupidity shocks me. :slight_smile:

That’s so awesome that you figured it ou! I’m happy your skin is better. And I wouldn’t trade in our Apidra unless absolutely necessary with every single other possibility exhausted.

Woops. Out*

Thanks, Lorraine! Yep, totally agree about Apidra!! :slight_smile: