Long time

Long time since I updated anything on here. I’ve just been incredibly busy lately and haven’t had much time for computer at all really. The little I’ve used internet in the past month has mainly been to just check my email quickly and check facebook, but not even that has been daily. Anyways, hope I’ll be less busy in november. But crap, now the Christmas hysteria starts real soon! The shops here has been fully armed for Christmas since week 42 sends self into mental institution Can’t they at least wait until AFTER Halloween before they start putting santas everywhere and play christmas advertisements on TV!

I hear ya! I don’t think I’ve been on since the beginning of the year. Where does the time go?? Here’s to a relaxing holiday season!

Er… guess you have been sleeping… the craft stores start stocking Christmas-themed merchandise immediately after Independence Day (if not earlier). “Christmas in July” sales exist because it takes crafters time to actually make their holiday gifts…