Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas To All,

Although alittle late all of my children arrived from various parts of the country to arrive here at my winter house in Tucson. We stayed up very late eating highly caloric food " oh so many carbs" and enjoyed each others company. Also Susan’s folks are staying with us and her sister Diane and husband Tom joined in. All of the kids are queezed into my daughter Katies’ tiny new house. I was proud of the adults that they had all become, but just alittle sadden thinking back to when they were little and actually needed me. I got a GPS for Christmas from them so I’ll never lost driving again - now what fun is that.

It’s a good thing we only do this type of thing once a year - its tiring!! we hosted a brunch in the am, did a afternnon hike in the foothills, went to church, then stayed up very late eating and eating - 3 extra bolus and went to bed at 165. The kids will be over for beakfast and more present unwrapping - I quessed I’m hyped up to make it through another day. Oh yes must of cleaned the kitchen atleast 3 times in one day!!

Ah so sany things to be so thank this year and every year - another living with scarey disease!

Merry Christmas to all my T friends hope this message finds each of you enjoying these special times with love ones but remember holiday treats are great in moderation as in all things. So just a few extra BG pokes and a bolus here and there as needed.


Pretty good advice Michael. A very merry Christmas to you !