Prolonged Absence SUCKS. :(

So heres whats up with not being on in forever:

  1. My computer got a virus and whent to the computer hospital for awhile.
  2. I just got it back, but its going back to get fixed - AGAIN.
  3. My blood sugars have been TERRIBLE, i got my A1c re-done and it was 6.7. HORRENDOUS!
  4. Im practically dying of withdrawl from the computer, seriously. :frowning:
  5. I had a pretty good christmas, i got an acoustic guitar and a sewing machine, and tons of giftcards&clothes.

So i hopefully will get back to being on here 24/7,
so until then.
BYE! :smiley:

Carlyyy! :slight_smile:

a couple of times when I couldn’t use my computer I went to the county library and used one of theirs…hey, what are your plans for sewing? what kind of machine did you get? I’m using one of mine every day, practically.


I’d kill for an A1c of 6.7! Right now I’d be surprised if I was below 8! Keep going and keep the faith. It will get back to where you are used to.

I have a brand new computer just got it in the middle of December. I’ve spent so much time on it now that I don’t know what I’d do without it. Right now I’m so afraid I’ll get a virus because my McAfee expired. They only give you one month from the date it leaves the manufacturer. It was shipped 12/2 and I got it 12/12. And had to wait til I could afford ink and a cable for the printer. Half a month gone before I even started. Now I’m so afraid that by clicking on some of these things, I’ll get a sick computer. Like a mom and her kid!

Sewing? Yeah, I like it too. I started when I was a freshman in high school. Don’t do much now… not since I got sick and lost the proper use of my legs. What do you do on your machine?

Santa by-passed me this year. Boo hoo!

Take care and keep the faith. You are only experiencing a temporary hic in the road!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

aw no, I’m sorry your A1C went up! sending good pancreas vibes your way

seriously though, try not to worry too much about a 6.7! do you know why it went up?

I know what you mean about the computer withdrawal… I can’t stand to be away from mine for any length of time; I admit, I’m an addict.