Look up look down look right look left look straight at me

My vision examination was done at the hospital yesterday the drops they use make you cry and hurt a bit then the doctor put local anesthetic drops in my eyes to do a pressure test then more drops and by this time my eyes were running like the severn river in Ironbridge, the doctor said diabetic examination was done he had to check because last time there were signs of leaking in one eye but it seems to have cleared up now.

Then he said diabetic checkup was ok, so going to sign you off for this year but there may be a problem with the retina which seems to have a small tear in it, that took me back a bit, have you seen any flashing lights black blobs floating in your vision have you had an injury to the right eye, which I replied not to my knowledge, the doctor said he needen to refer my tests to his boss you guessed it I had a trainee doctor, you build yourself up thinking the worse natural born worrier am I, then you cannot even get a proper qualified optian to check your eyes.

During the examination which lasted 45 minutes I was not feeling too good blood sugar felt low I was beginning to belch and get hickups always the first sign of a hypo not far away.

So diabetic checkup ok, have to wait until my notes are referred to a proper doctor then someone will let me know if I need more tests or treatment, the experience was not a good one waiting about being subjected to medievel torture with the eye drops and touching of the eye ball, the smell of curry in your face as your eyes are being examined have had better days.