Looking for 2 blue JDRF wristbands

I am looking for two of those JDRF "Find a Cure" blue rubber wristbands. I was wondering if anyone has any to sell. I have looked for them online, and can't find them anywhere.


Have you tried your local JDRF chapter?

Yes. And they called around to other chapters. They couldn’t find any.

i was going to suggest this - my pediatric endo also has them. If you want a bunch, you can buy a bag of 100 from JFRF.org for US$20, but i don’t think they can do international shipping. if you want, i could pick up a few (i think they’re $1 or $2 each from my JDRF chapter) and it looks like it’s about US$2-3 to ship to nova scotia

That’s great. I would really appreciate that. Can you send me two?

I added you as a friend, so we can work out the details via personal message.