Expired Pump Supplies & Accessories

I have a lot of technically expired pump supplies. I’ve had to use expired supplies once as a backup and it worked great although I understand the legal repercussions. Are there spots to donate expired supplies or accessories? Cr3diabetes only takes unexpired and I’d like to keep all this stuff out of the landfill as long as possible. I was able to send directly to someone in Canada a long time ago but I’m not on FB anymore so that connection is lost (she very knowingly accepted way outdated supplies).

Things I have:
Recently expired omnipod pods
1 box of expired Medtronic reservoirs (several years old)
1 box of expired Medtronic infusion sets (several years old)
First gen Medtronic CGM (10+ years old)
Tubed pump accessories (like the garter belt! yikes!)
Dexcom gen 1 and 2 receivers
So much more like Medtronic insertion tools, etc.

I will obviously be keeping some stuff just in case, you know, the apocalypse comes, but the rest of it is really starting to add up.

unfortunately unless it is a person to person transfer (not allowed on this site at all) it will end up in the landfill.

I was worried about that. I think I will sort it best I can and take it to a specialty recycling center. Real bummer! Thanks for your response.

Facebook group “Pancreatically Challenged” (with Dead Pancreas Gang as the logo/icon) can help to connect supplies with people in need.
FB keeps shutting groups down though, so it seems every few months they get a new name and its not particularly fun or easy to keep tabs on where to go. But, as of today at least, the PC group is active at least.

Also, if you have a local JDRF, ADA or similar group in town they might have an unofficial lending closet you can help stock. And I know in my town people drop meds and supplies off at the public health clinic, and they work with a few people to find homes for most of it. (Im one of the people they call when they get a load of d-supplies to rehome.) Many MANY people, when choosing between expired supplies and no supplies, will happily opt for the expired stuff, which makes sense!

You didn’t list any, but especially meters with strips are welcome at my local Rescue Mission (homeless shelter) where an alarming number of homeless folks have a need for testing but don’t have the means to do so.

(Officially, Its illegal to share prescription meds; insurance fraud can include sharing/selling any item that your insurance has helped to cover. Just an FYI, not a judgement!)

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You might ask your CDE or endo. Often they have an outlet.

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