Looking for recipes and ideas for food

my dad has be told to watch his diet and as i was a chef i said i would help him so if anyone has any ideas that could help me i would be very thankfull as i will save all the recipes and make cards for him to follow. His wife can use the internet so i thought i would put the recipes on blogs as well for others if they need. The fun part of it is i will need to make all the dishes before i put them online to make sure they work, the hard part will be i might have to go to the gym if i get alot of ideas.My first attempt at a blog ishttp://carrotcakerecipebest.blogspot.com/ I think its ok for a first try but next time im going to take photos as i go along to show people what it should loook like before the next stage.I dont have a vidio cam so i cant make vidios.
If any one has ideas on how to make recipes easy to follow as well i would love to hear your ideas.
Thank you in advance and try to be nice as im very sensitive lol.

Is your Dad diabetic? The carrot cake on your blog is not really everyday food for a diabetic. Most diabetics eat low carb and fruit juice is difficult for many if not all diabetics.

He’s not told me everything but the doctor said he’s borderline.He is 83 years old and been told to watch his diet and try to exercise more.I got this recipe from a diabetic web site.I am so glad you told me.This is why im looking for help.Is there to much suger in fruit juices.He has been drinking tomatoe juice every morning thinking this was good.

most of us avoid fruit juices - for me, even tomato juice makes my bg spike. there are some Groups here with lots of good recipes, and here is the part of the discussion forum where food and recipes are discussed


Go to GROUPS there a lot of them look for the ones dealing with foods recipes carbs. Grocery shopping. Good luck.

Hi, you asked for feedback so I looked at your carrot cake recipe. Sorry, but that is not diabetes-friendly at all. Diabetes-friendly does not simply mean sugar-free. It has to be low carb to be diabetes friendly. Also, substituting wholemeal for white doesn’t make it diabetes-friendly, as wholemeal flour has the same amount of carbs as white flour and will raise blood sugar exactly the same as white flour. There are also a lot of carbs in the dates and raisins, and the applesauce has carbs in it too even if it is unsweetened. All the fruit carb will raise blood sugar, exactly the same as pure sugar.

For a cake to be truly diabetes-friendly, as many of the high-carb ingredients as possible have to be substituted with low-carb ingredients. So other than using sweetener in place of sugar, you have to replace the wheat flour with a low-carb substitute, usually nut, flax or soy flour.

Here is a truly diabetes-friendly, diabetic carrot cake recipe : low carb carrot cake

The carrot cake can be frosted and the frosting will taste much better with standard fat cream cheese. Fats do not raise blood sugar.

Most diabetics avoid carb and fruit juices…Though effects varies individually. Try these groups and gain insights from them too: Good luck.


Other than these, there are numerous forum discussions in the past that dealt with low carb and suggested food, snacks and beverages for diabetics.

I would advise doing some testing as outlined on the bloodsugar101 website. After you determine which foods are causing spikes you can start working on recipes that avoid those foods. This system, often referred as "Eat to Your Meter", has the advantage of only eliminating or restricting foods causing the individual patient problems. As an early stage diabetic your father can probably get by with a lot less food restriction than I, a full blown T2, can get away with.

I find many so called diabetic recipes, like the Carrot Cake, would be a disaster for me. But your dad may get along fine with it, only a meter will tell.

There are several low carb recipe groups here on tuD, that have many tasty recipes. Also check out the Bernstein Group here, I've found several excellent recipes in its threads.

With Thanksgiving coming up, here's a low carb turkey stuffing recipe from Gerri. It substitutes almond flour for corn meal and flour so it is truly low carb. The flavor is indistinguishable from real cornbread stuffing. I had been making do with just a taste but with this recipe I can have all I want.

With a little creativity carbs can be cut and you can still have varied and tasty meals

What makes this recipe diabetic? Raisins,Dates,Flour,Orange Juice are not necessarily diabetic friendly. This need quite a bit of re-work to make it something a diabetic should consider eating. I wouldn’t recommend feeding this to him. There are some awesome low carb cheesecake recipes that would be much much better.

thanks so much for the help, good job im not a dietition i would have the old man dead within a week.and the blogs been changed .again thanks for the help