Okay D-OC - What Kinds of Recipes Do You Want to See

Recently, someone told me that the best way to help out the D-OC would be to write a cookbook that diabetics would ACTUALLY follow. I am going to throw the question your way people!

What kind of recipes would you like to see?

I am a chef with over 20 years of experience, and I REALLY want to help you all.

Is it:

Low Carb
No Carb
No Sugar
Whole Foods
Easy Fixings

You tell me!

Jason Sandeman

ok, Jason,

I want easy fixings whole foods natural, no sugar and low carb with taste & visual appeal.

I am particularly interested in supplying the elderly retirement communities’ chefs with appropriate food choices for their large number of Type 2 and much smaller number of Type 1 residents.

In my visits to these places, I do NOT see foods I would eat. Chefs are still adding sugar, corn syrup, etc. And I am speaking from the standpoint of a person who loves food and is an extremely well controlled T1.

I want lunch menus that allow me to consume no more than 15 grams carb. Dinner menus, 18 carb grams total.
I had a chef of one of these retirement communities over to the house for a meal and I explained, as I ate, that I needed 3 and 4 gram carb foods. That I cannot eat pasta & oatmeal.

And If we really want to see communities where diabetics can move without fear of the food, we need chefs who can give us daily, look-good options.

Now go to it and develop those kinds of entrees that can be used by chefs in those places and by diabetics at home!

And I am an eternal optimist.

@Leo2 - I used to be a Chef in a retirement home, so I know exactly what you mean. That is, if they actually EVEN prepare the meal, instead of retherming something pre-made.
Now, are you speaking of 15 grams of NET carbs? Or 15 grams GROSS? The latter is a little harder to accommodate, but it is doable. I am working on an alternative to the famous Philly Cheesesteak that should blow some socks off.

Thank you for your input Leo!

Jason, I would love to see more snack ideas, with low Glycaemic Index, low carbs; but really tasty pls

Along with yummy, easy to prepare recipes that don’t involve exotic or expensive ingredients, I would really like information about how to think about food so that I can create my own dishes and menus. I find the Healthy Diabetic Plate [ http://www.extension.uidaho.edu/diabetesplate/index.html ] extremely helpful.

Also I don’t find a lot of info on how to cook diabetic-friendly ethnic food.


whatever number of carbs less whatever number of fiber = my grams of carbs

I do not take sugar alcohol off. It ticks me UP! But fiber I can take off to get to my grams of carbs. That’s lunch total.
And thanks in advance! Marvelous idea!

@sallygreen99 - Great! I will see what I can do!

@Corinna - I understand completely. What area are you from? What would you call “exotic?”

Easy lo and no carb. Things that reheat well are particularly desirable.

less than 10 ingredients, east to prepare, using whole foods, and having carb counts listed.

Snack and desserts - me too. I think I can figure the rest of the stuff out. No carb is the best.

Personally, I’ve never found a diabetic or low carb cookbook I like. I have fairly specific likes and dislikes: I’m a vegetarian, I love spicy food and I love ethnic food. I also don’t mind hunting for “exotic” ingredients (I live near a very special store named Berkeley Bowl, that has a produce section larger than many whole supermarkets), and spending a fair amount of time doing multiple step recipes. So I mainly use my favorite cookbooks and doctor recipes to meet my diabetic needs.

From various discussions I’ve read on here about food I get that we have very varied tastes, time to spend cooking, money to spend and access to ingredients. It would be nice to have a cookbook that had something for every diabetic! Like say a vegetarian section, a vegan section, a dessert lovers section, a “quick and easy meal” section, a gourmet section, an ethnic section, etc, etc. It would of course have recipes geared to various carb levels as well as a section for people trying to lose weight. I don’t know, maybe this “all things to all people” type a book wouldn’t have an audience. Most of us aren’t willing to spend $30 or more on a book with only 2-3 recipes we’d use. But maybe, unlike most “diabetic cookbooks” it would have a very wide appeal! I do know what you could call it: “YMMV” Standing, of course, for “your meal may vary”!

There are tons of wonderful low carb recipe sites. All include carb counts & usually protein, fat & calories as well. Most are easy, fast to prepare & delicious. No need to reinvent the wheel when it’s only a click away. There are also some very good low carb cookbooks. The trick is not to search under diabetes, just low carb.

I’ve been eating very low carb for over 2.5 years. Most recipes are easy to adapt. Nut flours sub for wheat, unsweetened almond milk or cream & water for higher carb milk in baking. Crackers take 5 minutes to make by baking grated hard cheese. Flaxseed meal combined with almond flour also makes great crackers.

If you’re looking for something specific, Google “low carb (whatever)” & it will bring up pages of recipes. Low carb has been around for a long time & people have developed ingenious & creative substitutions.

I know I get frustrated when I find a recipe that goes to the trouble to include nutritional information but then doesn’t tell you what an actual ‘serving size’ consists of (is it 1 cup of soup or 1/8 of the pot of soup which is a hassle to measure out?). Accurate serving measurements make life so much easier and repeating recipes so much more appealing.

I too would like to see some low glycemic index foods, no artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols, and ingredients in their most ‘natural’ state. Would like to see some low carb options mixed in with some moderate carb choices. Some creative and healthy (and tasty!) lunch and snack options for kids. Hard to find ingredients are a challenge for those of us who live in small, more remote communities. Keen to try out this cookbook! Thank you.

You can plug a recipe into http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php & choose the number of servings. It gives a complete nutritional breakdown.

@Zoe - A rather tall order! I know what you mean though! I wonder though, how big would it be if a person tried to incorporate all those requests? LOL. I think it would be like the bible… I love the title name too!

@Emmy - Great! I have a question though, Low carb and Moderate carb as defined by?

@KimKat - Okay. I love to snack, and I LOVE deserts.

Easy fixing

whole foods

low carb
Snacks especially, I used to make a lot of soups but now potato is banned so I don’t know how to stabilise the soup.