Looking for Test Strips for Clinic in Belize

Hi everyone,

I will be volunteering for a year at a clinic in Belize. They have nothing for their diabetic patients right now, their patients cant really get access to A1cs, test strips, insulins, etc. I was thinking the best way I can help them would at least start with providing meters and strips. I was wondering if anyone has any test strips (expired is better than nothing, as long as they aren't like a year expired). They can be any brand, a mix and match, generic brands, it doesn't matter. The clinic only checks their sugars when they are in the office sick! I am going to donate some of my personal supplies too - I have more than enough meters, lancetets, and syringes for them - the the problem is giving them too many of my strips, since I'll be a year without insurance, I am going to need much of them myself for while I'm there. Thanks!