Free Test Strips

I've got 11 boxes of Freestyle test strips that I'm looking to give away.

5 boxes expire 03/2011

6 boxes expire 01/2012

If you're interested leave a reply through this discussion

Bob, I would be more than happy to take any of these off your hands. I lost my job and have no insurance at this time. Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for thinking of me, Emmy! :slight_smile:

The husband and I both have Diabetes, and it just isn’t easy right now… :confused:

Consider them yours Lizmari. I’ll get them shipped out to you on Monday. Best of luck in your life circumstance. Glad to be able to help another.

Thank you so much…! Bless your generosity.

I’ve been diabetic since I was 3 years old. I’ve been through some very rough financial challenges in my life and can empathize with your situation. My heart goes out to both you and your husband. Those who don’t have it have no idea what losing a couple hundred dollars a month out of one’s pay does not only to one’s finances but also to one’s moral. I just dropped them off at the post office. They are shipping via Priority Mail so they should be arriving by the end of the week. Please drop me a line when you get them. I’m so happy I could offer you this assistance.

Thank you so much! I sure will. :slight_smile: One day, I hope to pay forward all these blessings from the wonderful diabetic online community.

Are they Free style or Free style Lytes??? I have a ton Of Free style.

I have both meters, right now. :slight_smile: Both are fine.

my name is Karen La Roche and would love to take some of these of your hands new to this group and will b getting all my extra meters together to give away also thanks Karen La Roche (

This is a good idea. i really wish this could extend to us here in africa where either there is no availability or no originals products of these material… thank you.