Triabetes--triathletes with diabetes

Hi All,
I wanted to announce that 14 athletes–all with type 1 diabetes–will be racing together in Ironman Wisconsin in Madison, WI, this coming September. The project is called “Triabetes” and you can read about it at I also have a blurb written about it at my blog, here. The training is underway as well as associated investigations into the development of tools to help manage diabetes better during exercise. Does anyone else here have an Ironman or other triathlon on the horizon? I’m sure there are…I need to go read through the old discussions!


I have only ever done indoor minis, but now, with an Omnipod I am training for a July Sprint. Would love to hear advice, stories, etc.

hey Sarah,
that’s awesome that you will be doing a sprint triathlon! If you want to read some stories from the Triabetes athletes, you can go to and click on the blogs underneath each person’s name.

Have you started training yet?

This is awesome! Reading about so many people getting involved and advacating is so inspiring! I’m in no shape to actually racing an Ironman but I would love to someday… I’ll stick to my Tour de Cure for the time being.
Good Luck!!

this is really neat! One of my training partners was a T1 ironman; the guy was inspirational, to say the least.

Anne, thanks for sharing this bit of information about

Thanks, Adam. Training is well underway and I am learning a lot about how my body responds to it. It has been a learning experience, to say the least. Best wishes to you.

I wrote another comment somewhere on this group, but anyway, I wanted to announce that I started a group called “Triabetes” for anyone who would like to learn more about or discuss diabetes & triathlon. Also join if you would like to follow the Triabetes project this year and as it expands in the coming years. There are plans to expand the project to include other distance triathlons (not just Ironman) since not everybody is up for that!