Looky looky!

I’ve got my first cut at a watch face to display Dexcom G5 readings on the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 watch. Check it out:

This is from xdrip+, which I’m contributing to. My current focus is development of App Widgets that can be used as watch faces using the Wearable Widgets bridge.

Comments, criticism, suggestions all welcome. xdrip+ has a low projection feature that displays on the phone, and generates a notification when a low is projected to occur. I’m thinking of adding that to the watchface.


May it always be 2:45am OR 2:45pm!

It’s a nice clean look. Good job.

I have a few comments of personal preference that I would try to implement if it were my choice.

I would want the “in range BG” real estate, between the red and yellow line enlarged, even if it squishes the high and low range and distorts linearity. In other words I would exaggerate the normal readings at the expense of too high and too low.

For my ailing aging eyes, I would make the BG number and trends arrows to be bigger, and reduce the prominent day and date.

I would drop the decimal point on the glucose per volume reading and I’d correct the units to: mg/dL.

I have no idea if that’s within the discretion of the developer or not.

Good suggestions, Terry, thanks! As far as what can be done, I have full access to the source code, so I’m God (but no more so than any other developer messing with it, and a lesser God since I don’t control the public repository, but full omnipotence with what can be done nonetheless)


Looks nice, Dave!

Almost as nice as my way-cool Apple Watch… :wink::sunglasses:

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The Apple Watch is the one thing that would make me very tempted to get a G5. I wonder if the Apple Watch app is accessible with VoiceOver…

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Yes, it is.

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Yes, the watch itself and the default apps on the watch are accessible. For the past 5-10 years every device Apple has released has been fully accessible with magnification, speech output, or braille. It’s whether the people who designed the Dexcom apps implemented accessibility in those apps. It’s the same case with the iPhone and even with Windows or Mac or any websites: the operating systems and the apps that come with them are fully accessible and the various companies put out accessibility tools for developers, but developers often either don’t know how to or don’t bother implementing them. Even TuD has major accessibility issues (not sure I’d have the patience to browse these forums if I had no sight at all, and posting from an iOS device has so far proved impossible with VoiceOver).


Can it yet read glucose through the skin? Hear this is coming.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…

@Dave26 is this watch face available? This is the exact watch I have been debating getting and it is exactly what I would want to see. I am hoping to use it in stand alone as mentioned a few times here before. Anyway, it looks great!

At this precise moment, I am the only person with it as it is in my development copy. I haven’t submitted it back to the project yet, but will be some time this week after I clean up a few odds and ends.

However, anyone reading here that has an Android phone and a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch that wants this now, just send me a message and I’ll email you the apk.

Just sent a message to you.
Really interested on that software.



Hi Dave,

I am a T1 diabetic and recently started using decom as a CGM. I bought a samsung gear3 to be able to see my BGs on my wrist, but havent been able to get it to work yet. I saw your post and it seemed like you might be able to help.

Thank you,