LOOP: Installation musings and lessons

I bit the bullet and ordered an iPhone SE 2020 which should arrive tomorrow.

I’m going to do a complete from scratch install of Loop using the windows Virtual machine on my PC to set up the latest build of LOOP.

Would anyone be interested in me recording my steps on Camtasia ? Would be a bit of work, but if people could learn from it, I would be inclined to do it, but only if people want it.

I would watch your video and refer people to it when needed.
I think people would watch just to get a quick feel for how long the setup takes.

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I think that the people this might be MOST valuable to are the FB group, so people know what they are getting into with the installation. Also, I would send it to the Loop developers. They could send it where it was most needed. And, also your Doc said he wanted you to do some training. It would help him get some idea of the process and he could send it to other Doc that want to look at it. He could also get a better feel for what types of patients might be OK for system setup.


I think I’ve seen you say elsewhere you were interested in providing the videos for pay, correct? I think you should be aware of how small your target audience is before you do anything with that expectation. I know I personally have zero interest in any system that requires an apple device. You’re either team Apple or team Android, with very few people happy to switch teams. Then you keep whittling the population down by selecting for tech-savvy diabetics who are willing to use non-regulated software and can obtain an applicable pump, who just happen to be assertive enough with their personal management to pursue an alternative/non-commercial system, and afford all the out-of-pocket costs on top of that.

I’m not saying there’s no value in making such a video. I’m sure there could be great value to those who fall into that particular subset of people. I just don’t think it’s worth putting in too much time/effort for the likely small payout you could earn in return.

All that is assuming I remembered correctly about the money component, though. If you’re just in it for the good will and to help people, then by all means, go for it. Information is always valuable! I’d post it on Instructables, or somewhere similar, where it could get lots of visibility.

He not doing it for money, just to help out. None of that stuff has to do with $. Its all free. But, there aren’t many users here, so this isn’t the right audience, maybe. I think he’s just seeing if people are curious about it.

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Yeah it was just determining the interest on several different boards but there really wasn’t enough for me to video it. I did finally get everything done but ran into a bunch of problems I’m going to detail everything as soon as I can get everything typed up. At one point I was thinking of charging but after lots of low back I changed my mind.

5/17/2020 WARNING! This is RATHER LONG! But here goes:

I posted on many boards to see if there was any interest in me doing a Camtasia video but didn’t get enough interest, so I scrapped that idea. Good thing I did! I had nothing but continuous PROBLEMS! So here goes:

Once the phone was charged, I made sure it had the latest IOS update and activated it on the Visible phone network that uses Verizon as a backbone.

I then downloaded the Dexcom G6 software.

Loop wise, I followed http://www.loopdocs.com to a T.

  1. Following https://macosvmware.tech.blog/ , I installed the base Mac OS 10.15 using Vmware.
  2. My BIOS wasn’t configured for virtual machines, so I had to tweak that.
  3. Once the virtual machine was running, I tried to update to the latest OS, but I didn’t have enough space on the virtual machine.
  4. I googled and expanded my virtual machine from 40 to 80 GB. The update then took.
  5. I checked Xcode to make sure it was the latest version and attempted to build. Failed. Come to find out there is a newer version of Xcode needed, but the app store only shows it through the developer site.
  6. Once I found that version, again I didn’t have enough hard drive space in the virtual machine, so this time I just expanded it big to 200 GB and tried again. That time it worked.
  7. Once that was installed, I continued to follow the directions and got it compiled.

If I had to guess, I’d say all of the above, with mistakes and errors, took a good 20-30 hours over two days.

There were several times I wanted to give up, because, while I am a techie at heart, I’m horrible at anything Apple. But perseverance paid off in the end, and I now have the latest build of LOOP and good functioning virtual machine so that when it comes time to update it again, it should be much simpler.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to reply here or PM me.


Ooooh, you really upped the anti on your installation complexity.
That’s good. Interesting. You made a lot of changes all at once. Dangerous.
Glad you were successful, lol. Really walked the tightrope.

Not really. It needed the latest IOS on the phone and the image. It would have been a lot easier if the base image had the latest IOS and was big enough to hold the latest Xcode, but that would have been too easy! :slight_smile:

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My new iPhone update threw a warning that Dexcom app might not work. So far, so good. Some spotty data, but not much.

So far so good. Loop has been working flawlessly on the iPhone SE 2020. I’m so glad I upgraded.


Sorry if this is already answered…what did you upgrade from? I’ve got the old iPhone SE, curious if I would need the 2020 model to run Loop. I ran Spike for a long while but gave it up due to battery drain.

I went from an original Se to an iPhone 6s that I found at target for < $100 bucks. But then I heard rumblings that IOS 14 might not work on either phone when it comes out. I also like that it is water resistant and charges wirelesly (which I don’t really care about). The water resistance to me is huge but the upgradability is awesome! It basically has the case of a 6/6s form factor wise but has the chips and memory of an iPhone 11! I got the 128GB version so I will have plenty of storage for apps and pics. I also got the visible apple care warranty for $10 extra per month, so I"m all set. Let me know if you have any questions.