It's more complicated, but not impossible

Dr. Rayhan Lal provides an interesting update about automated insulin dosing systems, both DIY and commercial. I see my ignorance, to a certain extent, as a valuable thing. Dr. Lal, a T1D himself, provides analysis not often heard. This is truly for the geeks among us. Enjoy.

My hat is off to Joanne Milo and her Loop and Learn team.


Hi @Terry4 I can’t get the link to work. It comes up as error occurred. I can put Dr. Rayhan Lal into YouTube search, but he has made several videos. What is the exact title of the video to watch? Thanks.

Sorry, Marie. Does the link work now?

The title is “Dr. Rayhan Lal on Limits & Cautions of All current AIDs”.

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Yes! Thanks!

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I am about halfway through the presentation. The first bit was way out of my league technically but I persevered and it is getting increasingly interesting.

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Best video ever on everything you ever wanted to know about CGMs, Pumps, AID and T1D in general.

Thanks so much for posting Terry

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What? Did someone call my name? :grin:

About to go listen. Thanks for the link!

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This was so fascinating and informative! Thank you for sharing that video!