I tried 1 and 3 and was correct, so I got it.

So, I have been looping 3 weeks with my Android phone and Omnipod DASH using AndroidAPS and I honestly can’t believe how well it is working for me. I still have a few objectives to finish before it opens up additional features like automation but once I do I think I can get to the 100% TIA on a consistent basis. It took me a week to get used to it but here are my last 2 weeks readings. It really has been a game changer.


Looking good. Keep it up!

Are you still looping with Dash pods?

And how is it going? Still bugs and pre beta?

Help Please - and sorry if this is a repeat - I am running the Dev branch of Loop with Eros pods and want to change to pair a Dash pod - what do I need to do to my loop settings so that it knows to connect to the Dash pod? TIA!