DIY closed-loop systems coming to OmniPod!


Excellent and very exciting news: a breakthrough has been achieved in reverse engineering communications between PDM and Pod, which means that users of the current OmniPod platform will be able to take advantage of DIY closed-loop systems, including Loop (on iPhone) and OpenAPS/AndroidAPS (on Android). This accomplishment took extraordinary efforts by some of the best engineering minds on this planet - we owe them our utmost respect and gratitude. Another huge win for the #WeAreNotWaiting community. If you are interested, please be patient, there is still much work to be done,


I can’t wait!!!


This sounds very promising. I’ve always been interested in the DIY closed-loop systems, but the fact it only integrates with older pumps has always been what has stopped me.


Wow! This will bring in a whole new cohort to hybrid do-it-yourself loop systems. I hope the developers can work their way through this in the near future.


Did this guy also tug on Superman’s cape and spit into the wind?


Thanks for the update, @Dragan1. This is AMAZING news.


We will see. I will probably let you guys guinea pig this for a couple of years before I jump on board, LOL. But, best of luck to them.


LOL, i wouldnt mind being a guinea pig in this case. I´ll give my diabetes to science.


We wouldn’t get anywhere without guinea pigs.


I’ll give my diabetes to anyone who wants it.


Ha! On second thought, I’d feel endlessly guilty if this were possible.


This sounds awesome. There’s no link in the post, but I’m guessing this is what it’s referring to:


Noow get it approved by medicare so I can get back on the pod. Please


LOL…you made my Monday happier haha.


How will the radio frequency of the OmniPod be compatible with the Bluetooth technology of the Dexcom? Will we have to wear another device to link the 2?


I believe the plan is to use a modified version of what is currently being used for the minimed DIY Loop configurations: Riley Link. This is a pic of it in a protective case (on top of the pump).


@Anthony - I believe the Omnipod Dash will use Bluetooth for communications and will integrate with the Dexcom G5. Until that happens however, I think the Omnipod runs on 433 MHz while the Dexcom G5 runs on 2.4 GHz.


Oh! I interpreted @Anthony’s question related to Loop, but maybe it was for the Horizon system?

Although my answer makes little sense anyway for the question - more interpretation on my part. Dexcom speaks with the phone and Loop, Phone and Loop would speak to OmniPod via Riley Link. OmniPod would not speak directly with Dexcom.

I still might not be getting it. :expressionless:


For the current Omnipod system, which uses 433MHz PDM-to-pod radio, you will need to use additional small hardware with two radios, serving as a bridge between bluetooth and 433MHz. It appears that the existing RileyLink hardware shown in the above post by @Lorraine will be able to serve that function.

For the future Omnipod system, which will use bluetooth, all bets are off. In theory, it may be possible to eliminate the need for the additional bridge hardware. However, no one has even looked at reverse engineering that system since it is not out yet, and we have no idea how easy or difficult reverse engineering the new system may be.


You answered my question @Lorraine. Thank you.