G7 and LOOPing o yeah!

So I got my G7 90 day supply today from CVS Pharmacy’s Caremark mail order division. The first one fell off immediately, so I had to try again. I decided to try #2 in where I am most comfortable - in the abdomen vs arm. That one went on just fine, so 25 min later I started receiving data.
Loop wise I forgot that I had to update it first, so when I added the G7 it wanted to talk to me in SPANISH.
So back to my Apple laptop I went. I had to update the OS and Xcode, but once I did, the script ran just fine and installed perfectly.
I deleted the G6, chose the G7 and this time it spoke to me in ENGLISH. Everything installed smoothly and just worked!
I did two finger sticks and they were both within 20 units, so I’m happy.
Thank you thank you THANK YOU Looped developers for designing such a great product that works without any hiccups! I’m so glad that we are the FIRST to work with the G7 and beat both the Tandem Tslim and Omnipod 5!
Great job everyone!

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Brad, did you update the Loop software to version 3? Are you using the Omnipod?

It’s great to see that Loop is working with G7. Thanks for the report.

My first G7 shipment is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. I’ll be using up some G6 sensors first before I start on the G7.

Yeah dash works with g6 and G7 on the latest version of loop 3. Loving it!

What happens when Insulet forces us off the old pods in 6 months? Will u have any hang ups with that?

You mean Eros pods? Loop supports the Dash pods, though I’m still on the Eros pods so I’ll need to upgrade my prescription.

I hope Omnipod will continue to support the Dash pods!

From what I’ve heard, only the Eros pods are being discontinued. There are no plans that I have heard of to discontinue the dash pods.

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I don’t know why Dexcom was in such a hurry with this because it does not work with the Omnipod 5 yet

Yup, us Eros need to upgrade to Dash. Clock is ticking.

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@Dennis4 its not a hurry thing. First Dexcom had to submit the G7 for FDA clearance which was granted. Now Omnipod 5 and Tslim each need to perfect their code and THEY need to submit their stuff for FFA clearance. That part of the cleraance has nothing to do with Dexcom. Each company has to do their own FDA clearance.

LOOP is NOT FDA anything, so they didn’t need to submit anything to anyone, and is why it was available virtually immediately.

Omnipod has to manufacture the Dash and the 5 so there is no more reason to manufacture the EROS pods any more. They are giving people ample warning to upgrade to the DASH pods.