Losing weight on insulin?

How do you manage to do it?

share your tips and secrets here!

I haven’t found a way, yet. The only thing I’m finding is how nearly impossible it is for me to lose it. ■■■■ my life :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have problems loosing weight while taking insulin. However,I believe I know the reason why. I have been overeating for about the last 3-4 mons.and as a result I have to increase the amount of insulin I take to keep my BG somewhat normal. I sense it is the overeating and the additional insulin that causes my weight gain. Awhile back, I was not eating as much and required less insulin.That’s when I started loosing some lbs. Let me know your thoughts.Pete

I had to get this weight under control, so what I did I started the Master Cleanse diet.I stayed on it for 11 days, and after that I changed my eating habits I’m trying to be a vegetarian. I watch how much I take in and it seems to be helping I have lost over 13 pounds I’m trying to lose all together 30 pounds, and on that Master Cleanse my sugar stayed control I did not have to take any insulin for 11 days I loved that.

how are you doing now - are you still on the diet?

I was actually back to getting the weight off, then my endro increased my lantus in three weeks I’ve gone from 263 lbs to 270 lbs … not pleased at all and I’ve not been over eating (I track my stuff on Spark) and averging 5 km a day of walking (burning 500 cals a day), eating healthy … if i continue to gain i’m contacting my endro because I am NOT putting the 137 pounds I’ve lost back on all do to the insulin if I can well help it.

I was diagnosed as a T1 in November 2009 at 122 1bs and at the age of 32. I was in DKA and had to be hospitalized. After being placed on insulin I have gained atleast 12 lbs. My doc says that it is not the insulin that is causing it. She says that I was just regaining the weight that I had lost due to my severe dehydration. I don’t know that I completely agree with that. I know that with the insulin I can’t lose weight as easily as before even though I run about 20 miles a week. I think I need to find that perfect balance between how much I need to eat and how much insulin to take.

I used to weight less than 145 lbs (5.4"). Now I weight 180. I have been going to see the diabetic educator on a bi=weekly/monthly basis with sending pump reports. How we have gotten me down from 191 lbs is to have me aim for eating every 3 hrs. Aim for about 300 cal for breakfast (which I do not eat that much - plain oatmeal and large spoonful of PB), 100 cal snack at mid morning. Up to 300 at lunch (I usually drink a protein shake). Then 100 cal snack mid day, followed by about 300 cal dinner. If need be 100 cal snack at bed.

I am also trying to aim for lower sugars in my carbs (I never paid attention to the amount of sugar - just the carbs).

The Belly Fat Cure promotes counting sugars and carbs. Aim for less than 5g of sugar a meal. Aim for 15g sugar a day. Also aim for 6 servings of carbs: 5 to 20 grams = 1 serving. 21-40 grams = 2 servings. 41-60 grams = 3 servings. Anything under 5 grams of carbs is not counted. They have a book which shows examples of things with lower sugar content. Instead of the cookie 100 cal packages I am buying cheezits and weighing them for 20 grams for 12 cho. Also the cheeze goldfish, and peanut butter cheeze crackers.

Anyway each time I see her we do either adjust my basal rates - or the I:C ratio or correction factors. Because as I am loosing weight I start having alot of reaction - then I have to eat - which negates any weight loss goals I have.

I could not do it on my own. I really look forward to seeing her.
I wish everyone luck in losing.
Have a blessed day!!