Dexcom--sensor or transmitter failing?

My sensor has been in just over 2 weeks and the transmitter supposedly has about 2 weeks left, too. Until this morning, my BG numbers have been spot on. But I have been getting intermittent signal dropouts (with the “check transmitter is inserted correctly” message) and BG numbers with no directional arrows. I am wondering which is failing, sensor, transmitter, or even both? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Could be both, but, more likely the sensor, I believe. (My opinion may be skewed since I have the G4 which lasts a lot longer…). BG with no arrow usually means the software doesn’t know which direction the trend is – either from very fast changes or because there have been too many dropped readings.

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Thanks, @Thas. After mulling it over and a subsequent fingerstick, I decided to change out the sensor. There was dried blood on the old one so maybe I bumped it? I dunno…at least I got 2 weeks out of the sensor.

@CatLady06, I am not sure if we are the rule or the exception. It is very normal for us to get glitchy signal from a sensor close to its end of life, which is typically 2 weeks for us. We start getting jittery signal (instead of beautifully smooth), signal loss, and, sometimes (the worst), fake deep lows that look like the real thing but are not. For us, these are signs that the sensor is failing.

My understanding is that the transmitter software stop at, is it day 108? - a bit later than when they are programmed to last - and that they should be truly good for a solid 90 days. We have not been through many transmitters so we don’t have a good sample of data to share on that.

My usual end-of-sensor pattern is the erratic BG readings (I like “jittery”, @WestOfPecos!) with the occasional signal loss. But the false low and loss of directional arrows really threw me this time. Ah diabetes, so unpredictable… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am struck by my great inferiority in inserting interesting emojis. This one was particularly appropriate:-)

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