Lost connection tslim

So I was on a hike and my pump was at 20% power where I’ve been before no big deal. But it went to 1% quickly and stopped delivery. So I headed home but it lost power before I got home.
So long story short it lost connection to my sensor and I can’t get it to reconnect.
It tells me to start new sensor. But I just started one yesterday.
So my pump isn’t getting data right now. If I try to start my sensor I think it will stop working
Don’t really know.
So I’m irritated by this whole thing.

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Sometimes when they power off, they have a brain fart and lose memory. Did you verify that the transmitter serial number is still entered? If it is, you can just tell it to start a new sensor, but "skip"entering the code. That should have you join the session that’s already running without the need for warmup.

I’m still call the battery glitch in to tech support, though.

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I have no experience with any insulin pump, but I have a lot of experience with rechargeable batteries. I can’t find any information on the TSlim’s battery except, “The t:slim Pump is powered by an internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery.”

Most batteries are made of several cells. This thing of showing a 20% charge and then crashing is almost always in my experience one cell in the battery is faulty. I would definitely bring this up to support. If one cell is going bad, it won’t be long until the rest do.

As to the lost connection to the sensor you might learn something from this. Maybe so, maybe not, good luck with support, on a non-diabetes related device I spent a lot of fruitless time with support. I finally came up with a fix on my own.

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Several times I have lost signal/bg from transmitter on tandem pump. If I enter a calibration on pump, (from bg on xDrip), it immediately displays on pump and works fine.

That may have worked in your case, as this may somehow force pump to re-pair BT to transmitter.

I got it to pick up the signal by hitting start sensor with no code. I had to wait 2 hours tho. But my phone was collecting data during that time. So I’m back up and running thanks