Tconnect ap broken

Howdy. I can’t get my t connect so to work.
It lost pairing with my pump and I re paired it but it still is in error.
I called em they told me to delete it and try again but here I am.
Anyone else ?

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@Timothy, I know this is no time for levity, but

I am an analytical laboratory equipment and medical devices engineer.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I hope you get this sorted out quickly. Is the pump still delivering insulin? I am considering this pump and I worry about connectivity and other types of failures.

Happened to me the other day. I restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, repaired the pump several times and it just kept giving me error messages but then it started working on it’s own about an hour later.

I’m glad you pulled that. But I don’t program or fix software issues which is what the problem is. I suspect possible firmware.
My p7mp works fine it’s just the ap that is not working

I had the same problem months ago or maybe a year ago before. All of a sudden my pump would not connect to the Tconnect app. I’m fairly sure this is addressed in one of the user guys probably a t connect. In addition I called t slim and talked to someone. I don’t remember precisely but apparently you have to shut the pump off and hold the button down for 45 seconds plug it back into the wall at the same time. For me it reconnected and has been fine since except for their occasional technical glitches hope this helps.

Yes I had bad problems last week. Couldn’t sync for a couple days. But it is working now for me.

So yea I heard back. They were having server issues

One thing to try if you suspect server issues is to (try to) log in to your Tandem account using a web browser on another computer. I suppose it’s possible that you might be able to do that while the mobile app still fails, but I think the odds are against it.

Lots of ways for a network connection to the Tandem site to go wrong. One of the more amazing things about the Internet as it is currently supported is that it works as well as it often does. :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:

It is sooo frustrating, we are having the same issues!

Me too. Never had a problem for the first 8 months but now drop the pairing after around 6-7 days.

I had a similar issue last week along with the Tandem website data not updating. I was told by Tandem rep that it was because of a server update and many users were having issues with the app and being directed to repair their pumps I was directed to open the Tandem updates on my computer; connect my pump to the computer; and upload the data from my pump.All was fixed after that.
I think the key is connecting your pump to the website and uploading the pump info.

Make sure the user ID and your password are saved in the account settings. Also enable cellular data for the app.

On my iPhone, I pull down the control center, and turn off Bluetooth for 5 seconds. Sometimes this has worked for me to get everything back in sync. It’s a pain to repair my Tslim with my Iphone as the Bluetooth code is so ungodly long and cryptic and easy to make data entry errors when entering the new pairing code.