Tslim update freaked me out

So in the middle of the night I went to look at my pump screen and I was like WTH??
They changed it remotely I guess because I certainly didn’t do it in my sleep.
The buttons changed and are higher up now and circular.
They needed to fix the issue with the key pad because it has been off from the start. My finger never found the right spot. I think it’s better now but we will see
They could give me a warning or a screen that says update pending.
It kinda freaked me out a little.

Ok so maybe this is how the pump looks when your cgm stops communicating? I don’t know. I can’t get my cgm data to show now. I looked at pics on the net and I see both my old lock screen and this new one with no cgm. Hmm
I like the high round buttons. But I kinda need my cgm on here. I’m gonna call tandem I guess

Yes, that’s exactly what the pump looks like without a CGM paired. The pump reverts back to this original screen after like a day with no CGM session.

I thought you said you were without CGM until you get a new transmitter. What information is it not showing you? If you did get a new transmitter, did you change the transmitter id on the pump?

I like having the CGM graph on the homescreen, but I swear this screen is easier to unlock. I kinda miss this unlock screen. It just seems to register the touches in the right spot better.

I got a new transmitter and I plugged it in last night.
I expected tot to get data after 2 hours but looks like the transmitter is bad. If I remove it and put it back in, it works for 3 min then it stops.
The dexcom guy told me they are sending a new one out. After I already paid extra to have this one overnight. And it took an hour to get someone on the phone even tho they tell you the average wait time is 4 min. I was hoping to get it working cause this is gonna kill the sensor I just installed, but I will try to put in the new one. Flying blind for another day.
I woke up with a 185 today. What? It’s been a while I’m not used to not having cgm.


@Timothy they can’t actually update the software on your pump unless it’s connected by usb to a host computer that’s connected to the internet. (Sadly)

Well I thought that too till I woke up an it was all different.
But then it think it just reverted to no cgm mode.
I already got my new transmitter and new sensor. I guess it came fast because I live close to where they make em. I don’t know. Of course the new sensor got stuck but a little wiggle and pressure and it released this time. they really should be able to fix that issue.
Anyway 2 hours and I’m back in business.