Lost Omnipod PDM

Well it finally happened! He lost the Omnipod PDM. After several years of high school where he was so careful to keep up with his Omnipod, we had a false sense of security.

My son is an overachiever. He did not just leave it at a restaurant, he left it on a light rail train that was servicing 50,000 attendees of a New Year's Eve celebration downtown on the busiest night of the year when they run 20 extra trains from midnight until 2 am.

The light rail agency was, of course, not open yesterday nor was the Omnipod Ordering Dept. and it will take most of today to just log the many items left on their trains.

Luckily, we had a Backup Plan that worked fairly well after we found the emergency RXs for insulin pens, bought new batteries and unexpired test strips (note to self: get backup tester that takes same strips as Omnipod PDM)for the backup tester at the 24 hour pharmacy.

I guess that we will be meeting our deductible for 2013 early this year. Have a Happy New Year!

I've run back to places quite a few times to retrieve a forgotten PDM. Lucky so far for me. Bought a belt clip for the PDM, but it's still quite large so I don't use that much. They just reduced the size of the pods, I kinda wished they'd reduced the size of the PDM too. I hope that's on Insulet's future plans. A smaller PDM would be easier to carry on my person. I just haven't gotten into a "man purse" yet. ;)

Let us know how fast Insulet got a new PDM to you. I'm interested in their service on this level. Most say it's quite good.

When my PDM failed, they sent a new one to me overnight. Hopefully your experience will be as good,

Hey Hockey Mom, keep us posted on what you find out. I have a spare PDM that I can get to ya within an hour, if you need it. I'm in Sherman.


UGH!!! Yes, keep us posted. Would like to know if he gets it back from the light rail.

yikes what a pain in the but, it sounds like you are both coping ok, we would be in crisis or at least jacob and my husband about how to safely switch to mdi for a few days. i would thing you would be able to get one asap form omnipod, maybe even the new one with new smaller pods?? best of luck in anycase! amy

Talked to Omnipod today and if you have your order in by 5pm ET one day, they can have your new PDM to you overnight the next day. The normal replacement cost (lost or destroyed by water, etc.) is $500 unless you are out of the warranty period and then you have to go back through insurance but the cost is usually less. Just don't lose it on a holiday or weekend because Support can only give you sympathy, not a PDM. But, all in all pretty good service.

I too wish the PDM kit or PDM was a different shape or at least thinner. That is the reason that it was in a separate "sackpack" bag and was left. It is an odd size for a pocket unless you wear big "cargo" pockets. We have tried transferring eveything to a smaller camera bag but it is still bulky.

How sweet of you! We are still holding out that DART will find it this afternoon. If not we will reorder tomorrow.

Insulet said that it would not jeopordize our upgrade to the new PDM because it is a repacement out of pocket and not through the insurance.

I tried to talk Insulet into that but no go.

Thanks for all support. The Pdm has not been turned in. My only joy is imagining the poor soul who took the cool Under Armour sackpack thinking it was full of really great and valuble toys waking to a Pod alarm at 5am on New Year's Day.

I think we need a "Where is my Omnipod PDM App ?" on the next release!

I was anticipating good customer service from Insulet but boy am I disappointed. I could not order a new Pdm on New Years Day which was not a huge surprise but I call today to place the order - offices closed at noon. I talked to them yesterday and there was no notice of this. The person I spoke with gave me the cost and indicated that I could call up to 5pm ET and they could still overnight for Friday delivery. Now, we have to get more backup supplies and pay for a Saturday delivery, if they open tomorrow.

They really need to take that "We will not leave you stranded" off their website. So not true! Plan on losing your Pdm on a weekday/non-holiday because Customer Support cannot handle this critical function.

Time for a nasty letter and some BBB action maybe.

I think you can also contact these folks to complain http://www.chapinc.org They accredit companies that service health care in good standing, and Insulet is kinda proud to be a member.

We received the new PDM from Insulet on Saturday. Although Insulet never said why the office was closed and did not apoligize, they did not charge us the overnight fee or the extra Saturday fee.

But when we went to the pharmacy to pickup the new vials of insulin, we did not have an active RX for vials and the hard copy was at college and the electronic "transmit" from the doctors office to the pharmacy on July 25th failed. I always thought they had to sell a diabetic insulin but they are only required to sell Humlin which we have never used - not Apidra. We finally got samples from our dr on Monday because we were also informed that we needed high level plan administrator approval to refill the Apidra before the prior 90 day RX expired and per their records we had just refilled Apidra (in pen form) on Jan 1st.

We finally setup the pump on Tuesday. Good thing we had the Co-Pilot printout or we would have been totally lost. I few kinks in the backup plan but my son got a pump vacation out of it. I hope everyone has a Backup Plan in case you ever need it!

I would love if they had an App for that.

so sorry! I live in fear!

I stuck a sticky label with "medical equipment" and my phone number on the back of my PDM and Dexcom. Hoping if it's ever lost the kind soul who finds it won't throw it in the trash and will possibly call. Or the lost and found will have a number to call.