Lot L41800 - or, the worst lot of pods I've ever seen?

Has anyone else seen issues with lot L41800 of the Omnipods? This is getting ridiculous. I just had my 4th (yes, FOURTH!!) pod fail during priming within the last month. Are you serious?! There must have just been some serious manufacturing errors with this lot, or something. And the funny thing is, I just called OmniPod tech support the other day to have three replacements sent to me for the three pods that had failed up til that point. They tried to suggest all the things I could have done wrong, but it really seems to be a persistent issue with this lot of pods.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has seen quality control issues with this same lot number. I’m getting a little peeved, because 4 pods in one month is just way too many!

Check EmilyC’s URGENT post below regarding some lots of Omnipod. There was also an advisory on some lots earlier this year.

Thanks, Jim. I’ll check that out.

yes I have a box that had failed insertions. i called them and they are sending me a new box.

Here’s a link to @EmilyC 's post

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Sorry you got one of their recent bad batches, @markeeezy! I hope you can get them replaced quickly and without much hassle.

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Did you have to do or prove anything to get them to replace the entire box? They seem to only want to replace pod-by-pod for me.

See my post in the related thread regarding the company’s customer service efforts. Mention the recall issue when you talk to them. If the rep won’t replace the entire box, ask to speak with a supervisor. They just took a $7.7 million charge and should be willing to replace any box of affected lots.