Low a1c = more at risk to storke and heart damage?

okay so i read this somewhere… i’m really not sure if i should completely believe it or not. my a1c hasn’t been above 5.8 in the past 7 years, due to strict control i suppose… is it true that a lower a1c can put your body more at risk of stroke and cardiac arrest? … doesn’t sound right to me

A lady named Jenny has an excellent website called bloodsugar 101. She talks about the study that seems to be responsible for this information. It is true that more people whose bg was tightly controlled “had a bad outcome” died.However Jenny points out several significant problems with the study. It is worth reading her critique of it, as well as many other sources of information she has put together. I think she has done all of us a HUGE service. P.S. I’d give you a link but I’m semi-illiterate in computereeze.

The study was the ACCORD trial & it was flawed. Your instincts are right.

Jenny’s blog that Susan mentions: www.diabetesupdate.blogspot.com. Jenny’s incredible!

Gerri, I say “amen” to your response. I just came from both of Jenny’s sites: Blood Sugar 101 and the blog site. I should say Jenny is incredible. She’s a true friend for anyone who is a victim of diabetes.