Low blood sugar during period?

Hi there – I’m pretty newly dx, and this is only my second period since. I am having a hell of a time with lows today, and I don’t know why. I didn’t exercise yesterday or (yet) today; I’ve only had the one dose of Humalog at breakfast. I know people say their blood sugar runs high before their period, but is it typical for it to drop like this on day 1?

I didn’t notice that I was running high last week. Though I am “honeymooning”, I suppose, so could it be that my insulin needs are dropping, but it was masked/compensated by pre-menstrual hormones?

It could be that you are honeymooning, but It is also very common for your blood sugar to drop a lot at the beginning of your period, so don’t worry! You might just have to adjust your insulin needs on those days. I usually end up having to take more basal insulin than normal the week before my period and then a little bit less than normal on the first few days of my period.

Good luck!

Most women tend to run high the week before their periods start, due to hormones. Basically, the moment your period starts, you become very insulin sensitive and are prone to lows. Keep close track to learn how to deal with it.

I usually run very low 2 days prior to my period and during. They start to go back to normal the day after my period ends.

Sounds odd, but I like it when my period comes, since it’s half bolus/limited bolus days for me! meaning chocolate! chocolate! chocolate time!

Everyone is a little different, but once you get adjusted and in a routine, it will level out for you.

Yep, I run higher for a week or nearly two before my period (perfect time to get thrush) and then my sugars drop when I start. It’s okay if you are regular, but if you aren’t (like me for most of my life) it’s a complete guessing game.

I have a temp basal rate for my period. I run high for 3 days before ( the carb binging really doesn’t help) and really low for the first 2 days. Chart your blood sugar and you’ll better know how to adjust your insulin accordingly. Good luck.

I’m the same as Nancy. Type 1 for 26 years.
Basal rates and carb ratios different for 3 to 4 days before I start, and then it drops suddenly for two days. Be careful with those basal rates, or your bg will drop while you are sleeping.

Yep…ditto. I used to decrease my basal and fast-acting doses. Then adjust back, and then increase prior…fun. Glad I have gone through menopause and done with that *%$#@!!! Good luck. P.S. Lows/period…equals, Brownies!! lol xo