High BG During Period

Since I have been working hard at getting my BG under control I have been charting my numbers religiously. One thing I have noticed is that my BG goes much higher and I become more resistant (it seems) to insulin for about 2-3 days before my period and the first two days into it. I know it has to do with my hormone changes because absolutely nothing else is different in my diet/activity/medications, etc. It is a significant rise in BG, like 50+ points, and is very difficult to get down.

Who else has this trouble? Is there any way to help it besides or in addition to taking larger amounts of insulin during my period?

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i get high sugars before my period for 4 or five days and then i stay nice and low during it. i usually try to eat less carby and exercise soon after eating. i know it is basal too, but i think i cover some of my food needs with basal.
this only happens some months though, other months everything stays even, so i dont really increase my basal because i dont know which months its going to happen!

I have to increase my basal rate by 25-30% (omnipod) usually. It doesn't even seem to bee related to carb intake. I also try to work out everyday and sometimes I try to purposefully cause a mild low to get it back down.

I'm similiar to you.. my sugars get high again soon after I'm done with the period..