Low BS prior to stomach virus

Does anyone else have issues with low BS immediately prior to getting stomach virus? My thought is I do not absorb carb and my sugar goes very low. Anyone else.

Can’t say that I have experienced such but your theory seems plausible. I do notice lower BG while I have a stomach issue, I have always felt it was because my food intake is reduced. Perhaps I have not been as observant as you before the virus reveals itself.

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On 2 occasions I had some sort of stomach bug or maybe food poisoning where I suffered low blood sugar that went on for hours but I didn’t notice a low before the onset of feeling unwell. I would drink sweet drinks to raise blood sugar and it would have no or minimal impact despite the copious amounts I drank. I was vomitting every couple of hrs but even so there was ample time to absorb the sugary drink. Very scary when this happens, even with basal doses set at 20% my normal rate, this battle against low blood sugar can go on for many hrs and after several pints of sugary drinks (lucozade). So my theory is that during stomach upset, absorption stops to prevent further poisoning ??? Lay man’s theory I might add! Maybe someone from medical profession would know if this theory has merit. So I guess this could happen before you feel symptoms of stomach upset and contribute to low blood?

Exactly what I was thinking! It happened to me last night and I ended up giving myself a shot of glucagon because I just kept dropping! It helped. Of course I was also vomiting!
My doctor never heard of that before😊 Thanks for sharing,