Sick and sugar won't go up

Hey guys!

So i've been sick with some sort of stomach bug for a few days and my sugar won't go up. I've stopped the vomiting but I'm still not back to eating regular foods yet. No matter what I do, my sugar won't go up. It stays at a steady number but it is most concerning for right now at night time. I'm on an insulin pump and have down temp basal rates but was curious to see if this has happened to anyone while being sick. This is the first time i've had my number too low and not high when being sick. I'm drinking fluids but there is only so much juice one can have without being scared of having my sugar go crazy high afterwards. …If this has ever happened to you, what have you done to keep it at a steady normal number without dropping too low because of not eating etc. ?

Often you’ll read stuff on diabetes message boards about going high when sick. Not me. Like you, I always go low. I just keep using temporary basals to take virtually no insulin until I feel better. Keep testing and if you keep going low, go to the ER.

I think it depends on the stomach bug and how it will affect the digestive process. I have experienced a bug that stopped my Glucose absorption from one hour to the other. I vomited, had to eat 15g of carbs in glucose tabs because the basal dragged me down, was able to hold it for 10 minutes and vomited again. This was going on for 4 hours at night. After that there was still a mild tendency to go low for the next days. In retrospect it would have been smarter to use the Glucagon kit I have in my fridge. Well, next time...

G2 is good if you can’t keep something like full strength Gatorade down. Just sip it as much as you can. This happened to me once. Scary stuff. I had to suspend my pump until my blood sugar came up on it’s own. Feel better.