Protein Urine Exam

When I had my last lab exam done, they tested my protein, albumin, and globulin levels, as well as my a/g ratio. If this is done with blood work, is it still necessary to do a protein urine exam? And why? I have not asked for one from my doctor (at the Free Volunteer Clinic for the Uninsured), and though she doesn’t seem to know much about Diabetes, she is a good sport and if I bring good information to her on why I want something done, she usually goes with what I suggest. Should I ask for one? Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

I think the urine test looks to see what is going on with your kidneys. I have no idea for sure if I am correct, but I think the micro albumin urine test is to make sure the sugars aren’t punching holes in your kidneys and you aren’t spilling protein that way. Again, I am not positive, but I think it is a different test than the blood test.

Blood and urine protein levels measure entirely different things. A serum albumin test measure blood protein levels. A protein urine test measures protein in your urine and a microalbumin test measures fine levels of protein in the urine. Technically a urine albumin and microalbumin test are redundant as they both will detect protein in the urine, but microalbumin is more sensitive. Abnormal serum albumin indicates liver or kidney problems.


So… if my blood protein numbers are fine, is there a need to test the urine ones? My a/g is a little low, but I assume this is because I low carb…

Yes, it’s good to have this done. A 24-hour urine collection test is important to have once a year.

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I don’t disagree, but for most people, kidney problems will emerge slowly over time and the microalbumin test is sensitive enough that it will show up issues pretty early. I’ve never had a 24-hour collection, although I’ve had microabumin quite a number of time. I also failed the microalbumin once after exercising before the test.

To add to bsc & Gerri’s comments. Urine test yes! Protein in our urine is not a good thing, first indication of kidney disease. My endo and primary insist on a urine test every 3 months with my blood draws.

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My .Albumin is 3.4 (on the low end side of the range), my Globulin is 3.6 (0.2 higher than the max), and my A/G ratio is 0.9, which is 0.3 lower than the low end side of range… I’ve also read t hat low carbing affects these numbers… I just wanna make sure I’m not missing anything, on my tests. I’ve had the urine 24 test, before, back when I was 15 yrs old (and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism)… Kids, make sure not to touch the giant orange jug that looks like orange juice. lol

So much fun filling that orange jug!

Seriously, could it look more like an orange juice jug? lol Dangerous in big families, with miscommunication. hehe

urine protein test is important to assess kidney function, this is done with the test called urine microalbumin. Albumin is the main protein measured on this test as it is the most abundant protein in the human body. Protein in urine is an earliest sign of kidney disease, as proteins are not normally present in the urine, they are usually reabsorbed back…

Serum/Plasma protein usually measures the nutrition of an individual… malnourished individual has a very low total protein but its not a general indication, sometimes, total protein/albumin maybe low especially if someone is in a low meat diet…

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LOL! The one I get is squatty like a milk jug. It really looks like an OJ jug.

Interesting… Thanks for the info. I follow a low carb diet, though, not a low meat diet. Wonder if that messes up, things, too. I’ll certainly ask about a urine protein test, next time… in 3 more months. :slight_smile:

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Oh, and I guess my other question is… Since low carbing causes some ketones to spill in urine (traces to small amounts), as fat gets burned, would low carbing throw off a urine protein test?

It shouldn’t. I’ve never had a problem with this.

Not really. I’ve tested for protein in my urine since last October. That does not seem to be an issue when I asked the primary, nephrologist, urologist ( think those are all the specialists so far). Hemotolist is the specialist next on the list.

for ketones, it might spill in urines if youre in a diet, provided at the time of your test, glucose is negative too in the urine, or your BG level is within acceptable range for you… ketonuria are common in normal (non-diabetic) people if theyre on a diet and this shouldnt be an alarming issue.

when youre glucose is high, it will also show in your urine… plus ketones if youve reached to an acidosis state… low carb diet shouldnt influence urine protein…

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Does your doctor request a urine sample during your regular visits for blood work?

David’s did, but has since given up on the results. He is very active so his urine samples, always come back with high protein results. She now sends him home with the OJ container to do a 12 hour collection for drop off at the next visit and we are supposed to tie him to the couch for a day or two in advance.


Nah, she never asks… Which is why I was asking here, if I should suggest one be done.

Ohhh I hate doing this test. I remember having to cart that around once while I was at work (embarrassing)