Low Carb Birthday Cake?

Hi everybody! My 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago and he r4th birthday is soon approaching. She's been asking me to make her a sugar free cake so she can have a big piece ;) If you know any easy recipes that cut down the carbs or have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

If you go to Groups on this site you will find some low carb recipe sites and I remember there were some yummy cakes there. I hope she has the best birthday.

garbanzo bean flour is much lower in carbs....and throws in protein! and it makes a nice 'cake-y' cake. i am VERY bad at figuring out the carb content, but its not a spiker...so it has low gi.

i'm gluten-free and ran across this flour out of necessity for that condition.....and i'm so glad i did.

most gluten-free sites have good recipes that would fit your need.....

There are lots of options using almond flour, coconut flour etc. As Pastelpainter said, look at low carb recipe groups here or on low carb recipe sites on the web. Another good alternative is cheese cake. Use a nut crust and stevia etc. to sweeten, this is what we do on holiday's

A lot of cheesecakes are low too, if she likes that. My T1 daughter just turned 4 in July. I made cupcakes from a cake mix box and they worked out to 15g each (plus the icing). I let her have 2 cupcakes- it was her birthday afterall, and we bolused for it. I just figured on her birthday, D can take a back seat! Yes, she was high later, but nothing a little more insulin couldn't fix. It was hard for me to do and just let go and let her do what all the kids were doing: eat cake. Such things shouldn't cause anxiety, but they do. Kids deserve birthdays and birthdays deserve cakes. My advice is just make her whatever cake she likes to eat, bolus for it, and deal with the fall out later. Its only one day and a week after the party, you won't even remember that she was high.
If you want to lower the carbs too, you can do a regular cake and do low carb icing- we often use cool whip and a pkg of sugar free vanilla pudding with a bit of milk to make it smooth. You can add food coloring to it and pipe it on a cake like normal and the carbs are way lower than traditional icing. Happy Birthday to your girl!

Linda's Low Carb has a bunch of recipes many of which use almond flour in place of regular flour, leading to a very low carb result. For instance, you could make a basic Pound Cake, and then Butter Cream Frosting.

Dana Carpender has lots of recipes in her books, many of which are available in public libraries.

There is no reason that you can't make a wonderful tasting cake, totally sugar-free and low in carbs enabling your daughter to eat a "huge" piece of cake without worries about her blood sugars.

My mom made me a ice cream cake here is the recipe for the cake (it is really her brownie recipe
1 Stick of butter
1/2 Cup cocoa
1/2-3/4 Cup xylitol or sweetner of your choice .(check batter for your own sweetness )
2 eggs
1tsp Vanilla
1 TBSP soy flour
1/2 Cup Now almond Flouror your almond flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream or half and half
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350 ,Grease 9 inch pan .
Mix butter & cocoa powder then add xylitol,eggs,vanilla & heavy Cream
Beat until smooth ,add all dry ingredients .
Pour into greased pan cook for 15-20 carbs check with toothpick inserted in center .
the carbs will be different if your ingredients have different carb counts
8 carbs for the whole recipe if your cocoa powder is 0 carbs and your almond flour is 1 carb per 1/4 cup . They will be anywhere from .9 carbs to 2.8 carbs per brownie depending on your ingredients and the amount of brownies you get from each pan . I hope yall enjoy them as much as he does !!!! This recipe can be doubled and cooked in a 13x9 pan . Put oven on 325 instead of 350 and cook for 25 minuites instead of 15-20 if you double recipe . cool cake

Then you just get some carbs art vanilla ice cream let it soften then put it on the cool/cold cake quickly then put in freezer
Here s a pic

Thank you so much everybody, this helps a ton!!!

I just got off the high of my life this morning, having eaten my whipped cream birthday cake last night! Normally I eat regular cake with no frosting, but this whipped cream cake was so good, I ate it all. Problem was the high was 6 hours later. Nothing right away! Surprise!

Shawnmarie, I just have to say that you find the best recipes! :) Now whenever I see you've posted a link, I try it out!


I tried the low carb 3 minute chocolate cake recipe...delicious! And no problems with blood sugar...it was so good I ate the whole thing rather than 1/2.