Low carb snacks for growing kid with td1.Is always hungry and I'm running out of ideas, Would love suggestions. Thanks

Walnuts, pistachios, peanuts....all very low carb with lots of fiber so they feel full longer...

We did a lot of cold cuts - sliced turkey breast etc. sugar free jello, whipped cream (just use sweet and low when making it), cheese, sugar free popsicles. thin crisp crackers (like kavli) with cheese/cold cuts on top. hope that sort of helps.

My son goes for the pickles when he wants a free snack. We also do sting cheese or slices of block cheese depending on his mood. Sometime I keep pepperoni too. Peanuts and Popcorn isn't too bad. Sugar Free popsicles are usually around 4 gm, but sometimes we make our own with Crystal Light.

My grandson eats yogurt from Kroger called Carb Master. Has 4 grams of carbs. Eats cheese, hotdogs, and sugar free jello. He's only 2 years old so he doesn't eat popcorn or peanuts yet. My husband is T1 also, and he eats everything mentioned so far: lunch meat, cheese, pickles, sugar free jello, nuts, and veggies. Sometimes he puts peanut butter on celery. I don't know the carb count for that though.

ZERO TO LOW CARB Use endive or Romaine lettuce as "bread" to hold fillings: cold cuts; cheese burgers (add tomato and onion), sugar free or organic Catsup (it's low carb); tuna, chicken or egg salad. Home made chicken veggie soup (beef it up with 1/4 cup of Quinoa pasta noodles which are 10 grams but digests so well and without any blood sugar spike so we would not charge carbs for 1/4 cup or small amount of these type of noodles). In general we charge 40 grams for 60 grams of this Quinoa pasta and she will still go low on it. So 1/4 cup definitely free, at least for us. Keep cold chicken in fridge. Shred and cook with onions, peppers and Ortego Fajita mix. Make the fajitas using Romaine lettuce. Same for tacos. Make taco meat. Using Romaine add layer of taco meat, onion, tomato, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. top with more shredded lettuce. Sunflower seeds are very low carb and practically free. I make trail mix out of shelled pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds and 10 grams of MINI chocolate chips; can add more types of nuts to this mix. Ranch and blue cheese dips for veggies.
Can make your own out of Ricotta cheese or buy the dressing. Blanche brocoli, cauliflower and string beans in hot water till they are still crunchy, just slightly cooked. Can be used for veggie dips, in salads, stir fries. Salad Nicoise: Tuna, lettuce, white kidney beans, blanched green beans, red onion, lettuce in viniagrette; can add anchovies. Just 10 grams of the quinoa pasta can be added to any salad; free for us; may be free for you too. Test it out and hope it works for your kid. Low carb 4 gram yogurt, a few frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup milk, ice in blender for smoother = 10 grams. You can make the Weight Watcher smoothie that uses 1 Teaspoon powdered coffee (use flavored decaf like vanilla or hazelnut); 1 or 2 tablespoons powdered diet chocolate syrup or powdered cocoa mix, 1/2 cup milk and lots of crushed ice = 10 grams or less. You could make a slurpee out of crushed ice, very little water and any sugar free Kool aide or sugar free drink packet. There are machines that make these and you can buy sugar free mixes to make free snow cones. For a Chinese stir fry, you can use Shritake noodles. They are so low carb they are virtually carb free. Find in refrigerated aisle or with Natural or ethnic foods or health food store. They smell fishey from water they are packed in so drai and rinse very well and spice the stir fry with soy, garlic and ginger, etc.
10 GRAMS OR LESS: Peanut butter with a few chocolate chips melted in microwave (just a few). Use it as a dip for strawberries. Cool whip, mixed with a few chopped up strawberries, shaped into a patty. Roll in crushed nuts and freeze. Or add smidge of chocolate sprinkles to the chopped nuts and omit the strawberries. Frozen cool whip tastes like and has consistency of ice cream. Also will crush a chocolate graham cracker and roll the patty in that. Cool whip in a small wafer cone; freeze it; it will taste like an ice cream cone. Hungrygirl.com has lots of recipes and swaps kids enjoy; all low fat some low carb.

Salami and cheese - Dr. Bernsteins book - Diabetes Solutions has some great ideas in it as well.

Good Luck

celery with adams peanut butter or cream cheese, strawberries, nuts, slice of bread with cheese melted on top, cherry tomatoes, avocado, greek style plain yogurt with a bit of honey on top, yogurt, cottage cheese

my (skinny) daughter aged 12 seems to be always hungry too (normal = she's growing fast at the moment) she enjoys pieces of cheese/ham wrapped in lettuce leaves, or sometimes with a slice or two of whole grain bread. we freeze some red fruits, watermelon chunks or kiwi slices that she enjoys snacking still frozen. she says they taste like candies. she loves almonds too as a little snack. also you probably know milkshakes made with nut (almond, soy...) milk are lower in carbs...

bed bath and beyond sell a cotton candy machine that can take hard sugar free candies!!! this has made my 10 year old happier than i can even describe!!!!! they candy HS to be hard, beleive me we tried chewy ones just to be sure and they did not create "cotton", they only melted in the little pot.......baskin robbins sells very good sugar fee hard candies...

make twice backed potatoes, but stuff them with a mix of cauliflour, cheese, a touch of egg... instead of mashed potatoes...(also its easy to hollow out the potatoe where only the outer skin remains by using a mellon baller)