Low Carb food/meal suggestions

Hi All, What are some low carb meals and food/snack suggestions aside from berries, avocado, nuts, eggs, cheese…etc.

@curlysarah told me about this website

there’s also

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Here’s a few more websites. http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com/, http://stupideasypaleo.com/, and http://elanaspantry.com/diets/paleo/

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There are quite a few recipes in our recipe section, see under the 3 parallel lines, top rh side of the page.t

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Yes…In our recipe section you’ll find everything from cheesecake to lasagna to zucchini bread to pancakes and cookies. We adapt recipes. We make up new ones. So many possibilities, that with a little sustained focus, one never really needs to feel that one’s tastebuds are being deprived! Enjoy!

Pinterest can be your friend here. Type in low carb recipes and you can get hundreds from different websites right at your fingertips! I have found so many yummy recipes this way. And my family doesn’t even realize they’re healthy!