Low carb, LOW fiber eating?

I did a search in the forums and didn’t find anything relevant over the years other then one thread from a few years back with sympathy/empathy but no ideas. So here goes. Thoughts or suggestions? I’ve worked with RDs and nutritionists, who really didn’t get it.

I made the move from long-term pre-diabetic to T2 almost exactly 9 years ago when I accidentally (ie unknown to me) received steroids with my chemo infusion for rectal cancer after having my colon removed and an ileostomy created.

Having an ileostomy often requires not eating a lot of fiber, and certainly not high fiber as is usually recommended for PWDs. Some of this is due to complications with our Ostomy appliances and some because it directly causes painful or dangerous bowel obstructions. I can no longer eat more than a few pieces of bell pepper, mushrooms, or broccoli, kidney beans, spaghetti squash (and most squash), a lot of lettuce/greens, or nuts (like my favorite pistachios), to name just some.

I have at times eaten a lot of low carb products, such as Atkins bars and protein drinks, but too much intake of sugar alcohols other than erythritol tend to cause abdominal pain.

So to limit carbs and still be satiated, I eat a lot of meats, of all types, and dairy. Back before I was PWD, I followed Atkins pretty strictly and lost weight. But it’s never been successful since.

Now that my kidneys have started going bad - diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD last year - I was taken off Metformin completely for 3 months and my weight ballooned with the extra insulin needs. I’m recently back on a half dose (1000 mg), but am still taking a lot of insulin.

I need to get my T2 better control, including getting my weight down, or my CKD will get worse and I’ll have to limit protein too. May as well go parenteral nutrition at that point :grin:

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What’s you daily limit for protein (grams). I try to keep protein intake below 50 grams/day

I occasionally eat eggs but very little else aside from meat.

It works well for me.

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Hi Jim. No protein limit, yet. Nephrologist said if I control my T2 (and limit sodium intake), I may never move to Stage 4. This is largely the impetus for getting my sh*t together, starting with an Omnipod this coming week, hoping to switch from Libre to Dexcom, and really trying to take care of myself better.


I was told the same thing in 96. And here I am 24 yrs later and my CKD is no worse than when it was diagnosed.

I had to ditch my low sodium diet early on in my keto adventure as my electrolytes were dangerously out of range.

That’s great to hear. I’ve actually had periods of low sodium and others in the past. Not having a colon messes with liquid & electrolyte absorption. I’ve been drinking electrolyte water enhancers of one type or another since surgery. The latest is Ultima Replenish, which is sweetened with Stevia.

Thanks so much.

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