Traveling and low carb snacks

Hi everyone! This is a two part post...
First, my son and I are leaving on a trip in about a week. What can I expect during the car ride? He was diagnosed on May 31st and we have been doing pretty good with blood sugars, he is in his honeymoon period so he is experiencing lows but not extreme but he is also really active at his summer camp so I am worried what to expect for the eight hour car ride.

Second, does anyone have any low carb snack suggestions? I feel like I am packing the same thing for him everyday but there has got to be something else out there for him to eat as a low carb snack. He eats baby carrots, pickles, salami or pepperoni, cheese and sugar free jell-o. Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

My daughter loves Nuts - particularly Macadamia nuts - also there is a MacNut butter that is good on toast. Sara Lee make a low Calorie bread - it isn't advertised as low carb but the whole wheat 45 calorie slice is only 7 grams and with a little mac nut butter it seems to cure the snack cravings. Dr. Bernstein has a book out - The Diabetes Solution - it has a tone of low carb snak suggestions.

New Hope mills out of New York has a pancake waffle mix that has been great - I add a little cinnamon -vanilla extract and nutmeg to the batter and they are great - not really a snack food unless you make them before and put a little mac nut butter on one. :)

Good Luck - try and relax I know you need too. My daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago.

well when he s prity active he needs some carbs, so how does he regulate that? try and find long running carbs .... we found with our son that he moved over to the ypsomed omnipod smoothly ,and now he eats everthing and controls it from his handheld, he s 18 (3y type 1) now, drinks some beer and pizza noproblem.. he s away on touring Europe so i m dying to know his daily stats but we ll know that in august..we alsofound some rice crispy bars low carb,but they r here in Europe..
we found that some time ...while traveling long hours he would get always makes shure you have some fast working dextroses....the high s yeah there a bit more out have regular 2 hours breaks for some excersisize...have fun!

ps he always has a peanutbutter sandwich(whole wheat) in his schoolpack dont kno why must be the nut thing?

dont know about low but we like them

1. We took a 6 hour car trip with our daughter and had to increase her basal due to lack of activity. Started out with +10%. Not enough. Went to +20%. Not enough. Finally ended up with +30%. Assuming you're not a pump yet so you may just have to increase I:C ratio or just do corrections as needed.

2. I find any type of nut/chocolate chip combo works great for snacks. Sure it has carbs, but doesn't spike. I usually make a trail mix of peanuts, cashews and mini chocolate chips for her to snack on.

Best of luck!

For low carb snacks I am not sure the grams you are looking for but apples can be low in carbs for example 70 grams is about 9 grams of carbs. Also, the 100 calorie packs of popcorn has 9 or 10 grams of carbs as well as the chesse asteriods.

Another low carb snack I give my 4 year old is in the baby food section Gerber their yogurt melt, 32 pieces is 6 grams of carbs and the star puffs 1/2 a cup if 5 grams of carbs.

Hope this helps.

Arianna Lamosa from Miami

Our family is well traveled with road trips and finding the right road trip snacks. With two kids with type 1 we have tried it all. Our kids favorites are:
- carrots and peanut butter (Jiff sells individual peanut butter cups that are 7 grams I think)
- pickles
- ham and cheese rolls (no bread - just roll the cheese around the ham/turkey my kids like colby jack and munster the best)
- nuts nuts and more nuts (providing no allergies of course)
- popcorn (I pop a bunch before we leave - home made no extras just salt - I portion it out in sandwich size ziplock bags, 1-2 cups per bag equals about 5-10 grams)
- pepperoni slices and cheese cubes
- beef jerky or slim jims (mild flavor)
- berries - berries are generally low in carbs and don't cause a spike

The car ride is hard since it is so much time sitting so since my kids are on pumps we increase basal rates. For a ride that is less than 12 hours I wouldn't think you would need to increase his long acting insulin for the ride - especially if he is occasionally having lows. I would run it by his endo though.

Good luck! Have fun - road trips rule!

Thanks for all the good ideas everyone! There are some things that we hadn't tried which would help for snacks when we are home too! He isn't on a pump yet so I think we are just going to have to test a few more times then usual but there are also some places that we have stopped at along the way that have great playgrounds so I am thinking that we might just not be in such a hurry to get there and stop to let him run around.