Low Carbing at Restaurants

I am sure others have found this, but am posting anyway. When I am out, one good place to go eat is Chipotle. I get the Burrito Bowl, no rice, a few beans, meat, salsa, fajita vegetables, and lots of lettuce and the guacamole, which is extra, but worth it.

I like it that their chicken is free range.

I also found a Chinese restaurant by me that has 2 steamed meals on the menu. They have Chicken with Vegetables, and they give you that sauce the dinners usually come in, on the side. I didn’t even use it. They also serve brown rice too, for those who want a whole grain.

Also, a Greek restaurant has shish-kabobs with beef or chicken and vegetables. It is served on noodle-rice bed, but I don’t eat that. I do eat the great salad with the red wine vinegar and oil dressing on the side. I don’t eat the pita bread, which I throw out right away, because I used to love that stuff.

I think it helps to find things one can eat and not feel so deprived. It gets old cooking all the time. I don’t eat out a lot, because it is expensive, but Chipotle is very affordable.

Anyone else with places they can get healthy low carb foods?

I use this diet text message it helps me find low carb foods wherever I go :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been having great luck haggling for diabetic friendly deals… At a diner I wanted to get an omelet but not the hash browns with it, so they gave me a free coffee and a ton of extra vegetables. People can be pretty accommodating, as long as you don’t go to some big faceless chain.

Wasa fine swedish stuff but I have given up bread things for now.


I found something online like that, and use the glycemic indices too!

That is so true, especially with this economy, they are happy for the business.

I used to eat their Wasa hard rye crackers. Good products!


Hate to break it to you but there is pancake batter in the ihop omelettes.

While we are at it, there is flour in the Taco Bell hambuger too.

ok, Jenny. What is in Denny’s omelettes?

Yes, I think it is best to just order eggs, poached, scrambled, or sunnyside up.

I think there is flour in the Taco Bell shells too. They used to be all corn, but now they are cheap. That’s why I go to Chipotle. I can just get meat, vegetables, lettuce.

I agree. The classic steak with a steamed veggie, and a big salad, if one can afford that, is such a good choice. Some places have baked or rotisserie chicken. Don’t let the olive oil scare you off, it is good for you.

I love mushrooms too!

that looks pretty cool!

I love Churrascarias, or Brazilian steakhouses. A friend of mine call’s them “meat faucets”. They’re usually pretty pricey, but when you can sit down and eat nothing but mouth watering, juicy meats of several varieties I think it’s worth it. They sometimes have side dishes with too many carbs, but who needs sides when you can eat meat until you are sick!

Blech! LOL. Just kidding. I just can’t stand to eat more than a few ounces of meat at a time. It would make me throw up I think. To each their own I guess. :slight_smile:

Most of the free range producers try to keep things more natural than factory farmers, and this goes for pigs, cows, fish, you name it.
Factory farming uses growth hormones (now think about that one…it fattens up the animal like crazy, so what is it doing to US!), antibiotics, and drugs to prevent things like enteritis. Some feed the vegetarian animals feed that has animal products in it to make them grow bigger. But by and large, I don’t care to eat an animal that was literally tortured, and I do mean tortured, and not treated like a living being that can feel. To me, it is insane what they do to pigs. They are far too intelligent to me to eat them. It would be like eating a dog or a dolphin to me, and they are right up there in intelligence, too.
I am not against eating meat. I am against this anti-farm, pro-factory where the animal never sees the light of day, has its genitals cut off at birth, and God help it, if it is a runt.

I have had some decent free range chicken, and they, of course, were smaller than the growth hormone kind. I noticed the meat was around a clean looking whiter bone, too. It didn’t have a strong smell, either.

I try to patronize organic or free range whenever I can!