Panera Bread - Secret Menu for Low Carbers

Just heard about this today, maybe it's old news.

They have a two egg bowls and four salads, the only one above 12g carbs is the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl at 23g.

Around here they're a popular place to meet for business - reasonably priced, decent food and free wi-fi. Very nice to now have a couple breakfast options.

Panera Bread Secret Menu

Thanks for sharing this. I like their nutritional calculator as it allows you to delete an ingredient and substitute with something else and see what that does to the various values. Certainly makes it easier to carb count.

Thanks! I have never gone there because I assumed there wouldn't be a thing I could eat.

thanks! my mom always wants to go to panera and ive always refused to go there!

One of my non-D coworkers gets a la carte eggs and bacon @ McDonald's sometimes, for a minimal carb on the go breakfast.

note taken for nyc-myrtle beach drives. nver thought of asking for anything a la carte at mcdonalds.

Yeah, me neither. Driving cross country can be challenging!

We frequently have our Minneapolis meetups at Panera - sometimes they goo on so long that we come for breakfast and then also stay for lunch.

i hated it before diabetes but i at least then i knew there would be a stop at a pancake houe where i would stuff myself with challah bread french toast and practically DRINK maple syrup. those were GOOD times. i never thought that thinking about IHOP would produce such nostalgia!