I did the low-carb thing a few years ago, with the intention of losing weight. True to every diet I’ve ever been on, I lost my usual 5 pounds and then stopped, but I continued on it for a year because my blood sugars were so wonderful on it. But when I moved in with the man I married a year later, I gave it up because it just seemed too complicated when I wasn’t mostly just planning and preparing my own meals. And while my sugars rose some it wasn’t so bad it alarmed me.

But I’ve struggled the past year, and reading this forum and others linked to it have convinced me I need to go back to low-carbs (I had the ADA type diet down pat and had mostly eaten it since I cooked for my diabetic mother years ago). My husband is supportive if clueless, and I feel I need to go at this gradually so I can figure out ways to make it work for my lifetime, but I would appreciate any hints, ideas, links, etc. any of you can give.

Thanks in advance.