Low Fat/high carbohydrate diet Why?

I was diagnosed type 2 4 years ago, never having had any symptoms, but having suffered a stroke. I worked hard and am still working hard to overcome the stroke damage and most people would say they can’t tell it ever happened. I however am aware of how much easier things like simply putting on my clothes, used to be.
At first I did as my doctors and nurses told me about diet and exercise and medication. The results were, weight gain, loss of fitness, blood sugars too high, large doses of meds and frustration. Then I decided to think things through logically.( 60% calories from carbs is ridiculous if you can’t use the stuff.)
I cut my carbohydrate intake drastically I started to lose weight and managed to keep sugar down tight and cut the medication. I dropped Gliclazide completely and reduced Metformin to 500mg twice daily and Starlix only if I know I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t or measured glucose at above 6mmol/l( 96 in US units)
I also read EVERYTHING I could find about diet and I’m convinced that low carb is the way to keep healthy. I exercise an hour a day, either walking or swimming and haven’t had a sick day in a couple of years. Admittedly I’m retired, so don’t have to go into an office full of cold viruses.
My husband of 37 years has had type 1 since early in our marriage and has complications of the eyes and feet. I’ve got him on to low carb too and he’s not been this well for a very long time. He was eating carbohydrate to keep up with huge insulin doses. I’ve got him under better control on lowered doses. It’s harder for him, but I think we’ve managed to get a little weight off him too., which is impossible with too much insulin in the system. Is there anyone else out there making their medical care team throw up their hands in horror at a low carb diet. they do admit I’m well even while teelling me it’s not the right thing to do and my doctor, who I’ve known 35 years, says he’s neve seen me manage my weight so well.

The low fat diet was promoted due to a lot of bad science. Read Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories Bad Calories” to find out all the gory details.

The ADA is funded largely by drug companies and junk food companies who profit mightily when people with diabetes eat the junk food and then need drugs to control their blood sugars.

Cut the carbs, nothing but GOOD will happen. I did it almost 10 years ago and have developed no additional diabetes complications or any sign of heart disease.

I have read Gary Taubes. I had to get the American edition from Amazon,because it’s not out in Britian yet. I’m just waiting to see it’s effect, when it comwes out in January. Still Diabetes uk. is funded as a charity and also holds to the high carb diet line. I just returned from my 6 monthly retina check. I have slight retinopathy, probably from before my diagnosis, but it’s completely stable. They don’t want to see me for another 9 months. I am planning to keep to the low carb diet. I also have no other complications.
I read Richard Bernstein before Taubes. I got a copy on a visit to the USA 3 years ago.