I don't know where to start

I am 57 years old and have been diabetic for 20 years. 350 lbs was my highest weight and my breaking point. I have been eating very low carb since Jan 2011, and have lost alittle over 130 lbs. I haven't been on this site long enough to see everyones situation. Are you just diabetic, but no weight problem, weight problem causing diabetes, or being born with it...
I have had 4 strokes since August 2011. I have frustration of other people telling me that my low carb eating has caused the strokes. I don't see the connection. I am sorry that I am babbling. I just don't know how to get started here. I need to do mose searching on this site to see what it is about more, but this is a good start.

Good job!! That's exactly how to get started here!

I agree that I am not aware of any connection between low carb and strokes. Lots of people without diabetes have strokes too so it may just be a circumstantial coincidence. Good job on the weight loss. I weighed 275 lbs in 2006 and now weigh 180, not quite very low carb but less carb each time I've lost weight.

Laura, welcome to the TuD family! Congrats on your success.

We are a very mixed group in every way. Everyone's story is different, yet there are always people with a story like yours.

I've been LC for about 4 years. Last time I was LC I lost 40 lbs and kept it off. I haven't seen any evidence or anecdotal information that relates LC to strokes. A lot of us find that it's also the best way to keep good BG control.

Other people love to tell us how to take care of ourselves - I think we all share that frustration. Glad you found us, and glad you're going to explore the site. There's a wealth of information here, and 20,000+ others on a similar path. Babble away!

Laura, way to go. 130 lbs. That is huge. We are all here to support each other. Many of us follow low carb diets (me included) and firmly believe in them. I was never really successful controlling my blood sugars until I discovered Dr. Bernstein's work in 2006 and I've been following a low carb diet ever since then.

I think many of us reach some point in our life which pushes us over that edge. And then, finally, we take ownership of our own condition in life. It sounds like you are really starting to do that and we all are here to support you towards your future goals.

Congratulations on the weight loss - that's an impressive accomplishment. Since you've asked, I'm T2, diagnosed March 2011 and obese. Although I have been losing weight and hope to be down to just overweight by summer :)

I could see how many people would think low carb leads to higher fats which would lead to higher cholesterol and increased risk of strokes. Fortunately that doesn't seem to hold true in the long run. Low carb diets with healthy fats seem to improve cholesterol standings - here's a link to some research:


I am type 2 and have been for 11 yrs. I have lost 14 lbs in the last couple of months. I would LOVE to know the answers to so many questions that I have AND worry about...stroke, heart disease, loss of limb, kidney disease, etc....things that may never happen....So far my doctor (endocrinologist) says I'm healthy aside from my diabetes....all I can say is you have made a very good start and it is never too late to make that start...keep up the good work

I've been low carbing since 2007. My cholesterol went from 180 to 123. Lost some weight, but need to lose 30 more pounds and that fat is just hanging on for dear life, I can't shake it loose. Since 2007 my eyes have improved significantly, my current prescription is only half as strong and I no longer have an astigmatism. I don't attribute that to low carb, but I had pretty much the same strong prescription for 25 years and was not diabetic during that time. Both of my parents died of strokes, one at 36 and one at 58. Both had high blood pressure (and smoked and drank all their lives) but neither were diabetic, though both of their mothers were. I think it's great you've taken charge of your health and are doing well. Hope the stroke thing gets clarified.

I need to weigh in here ( no pun intended).

I had stroke in 2007 and after 4 years battling latest mess - was 30 years plus as T2 I would offer some thoughts.

Not Doctor so cannot give advice but:

I had got to 330 pounds on diet of 1200 calories and 2 miles of walking and could not lose an ounce till liver crap and over glucose release shut down by metformin doses appropriatly done. Large single doses are waste of drugs and do not address issue.

Liver's role as fifo buffer filling in when BG drops sub 70 can be real pain in ■■■.

Liver is great doing this when it only adds 20 % above nominal. If it is adding the full liver buffer each time it dumps or large portion of this, ones BG level quickly gets too high and one cannot lose weight.

Once liver excess glucose stopped and managing diet so that it keeps BG above 100 per Doctor's advice, I lost over 100 pounds on same 1200 calorie diet and 2 miles walking and health returned.

SO much useless advice out there makes erroneous assumption human body mostly working correctly when in fact there may be medical screwup over riding that.

Low glycemic diets are great as long as liver mostly working correctly. If not low glycemic diet is going to routinely drop BG sub 70 and kick liver into gear adding glucose and depending upon issue see bg hammered up to 511 and average back to 278/311
buggering up glucose control.

My health is back and I am much happier but am fed up with all the mis information and bum advice out there. See Salk Institute and John Hopkins CHildrens research on metformin and its real miracles not discussed in the approved cures et all.

You and i have similar backgrounds. I have had diabetes since the 80's or 90's, I don't really remember when I was diagnosed because I never really paid any attention to it. For all of my life, I have always been a little heavier than normal and exercise has never really been my strong suit. It really wasn't until i had my second stroke that i paid any attention to my diabetes, and not until my blood sugars went way out of control and began using insulin that I really paid attention. My Diagnosis was changed from type 2 to LADA about two years ago, and now, I pay attention.

I have had a total of three strokes, that I know of. Never once has anyone in the medical field told me that the strokes were diabetes related. I have never read any research to that effect. I eat a low carb diet and have lost some weight. I
believe it to be instrumental in my not gaining any weight. I take statins to keep my cholestrol in check, with few, if any side affects. I am not changing anything in my life or diet. I am the healthiest that I have been in years.
I wish the same health for you.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

Welcome. 130 lbs is awesome weightloss. I was 34 (nearly 13 years ago) diagnosed as T2. I was not particularly heavy and was very active. I am now in the process of trying to take off the last 10 or 15 lbs. I recently lost 6 lbs and it has done nothing to improve BG. The only explanation I have ever gotten for my diabetes is bad genes.