Low gi foods and spikes in blood sugar

I’m on humalog and humulin n. I’ve found that when I eat a large amount of pasta, pizza or chinese takeaways (I eat lots of carbs as I train anywhere up to 25-30 hours per week and need it for recovery etc), my blood sugars will be fine 1-2 hours after but can then skyrocket 3-5 hours down the track. If I inject myself with more humalog pre that particular meal to try to account for it, i’ll just go low.

Is it just an impossibility to create an insulin which will act fast but still have enough cover so that your blood sugar won’t spike as the large amount of low gi carbs are absorbed?

Or am I thinking completely the wrong way? I used to be able to eat these sorts of meals quite easily and keep steady levels whilst on actrapid and monotard.

hey. I have just done a course on Carb Counting, and I used to have the same problem as you.

What they suggested for me was to split the injection for fatty foods. So if I have a takeaway from a chippy, I do half my dose then half an hour later, do another one.

The only way to see if this works for you is by trial and error. Give it a go. It works for me. Just make sure you monitor your sugars throughout the whole trial.

Yeah fish n chips are terrible for it as well…i might give it a go. Thanks.

Had loads of pasta tonight and level was fine 2.5 hours ago and now it has gone pretty high.


Is it possible that you just need to delay the timing of your injection as it sounds the humalog is peaking way before the carbs? Or maybe instead of taking more humalog try taking half of what you require to cover the carbs pre meal and the other half an hour or so after. I have read that humalog lasts about 3-5 hours and if you are very active it may work faster and not as long…(?) I’m still trying to get it down too so just some suggestions you may want to think about. I would discuss that with your doctor though. Good luck!


There is such an insulin, it’s the old regular human insulin (Humulin R or Novolin R) . It will last about 5 hours rather than the 2-3 of the analogs.

You might split your dose and use R and humalog.

I don’t know how large your doses are, btw. I only use tiny doses, so R is mostly gone by 4 hours, but I have heard that with longer doses it lasts up to 8.

I have same problem. My carbs ratio is constantly changing. It’s 1 unit per 20 - 30 gram of carbs. My meal is about 120 to 250g carbs. If i inject more novolog i go low in first hour and than higher after 3 hours. Just started mixing novolog and novolinR and so far it shows the improvement in post 3 and 4 hour reading. I’m using 80/20% ratio for insulin. 80% for novolog and 20% for novolinR.

I have the same problem if I combine fatty foods with low GI carbs. If I just eat low GI, I’m fine though.