Low low low

So I was supposed to have an endo appt. this morning at 8:30, but of course I dont wake up untill 11:30am and when I did manage to wake, it wasnt easy. I must have bolused to much for dinner. WOW I finally made it out of bed. Dont actually remember, much! I do remember bothering my cat… Why does being low suck so much? Now I am miserable. I tested and I was 37!!! ouch I am currently fighting a headach at work and my BG is now at 90. Now I have to reschedule my appt. Damn I was so excited to find out my A1C…

Now I have to wait until July 10th.

*June 25, 2009 Update

So I was extremly low again last night 35, I had no Idea what was going on, then I realized I had just the previous day started using a new PDM for my pod. Which I didnt reset all of the IMPORTANT settings, like how much insulin I get per hour. The PDM was set at delivery 1.20units per hour, which is way higher than what I need… I have mine set between .60 and .65. So that would explain my extreme lows with no reasoning. Good thing I got that fixed…

No one “gets” how awful you feel after a hypo - other than those who’ve been there. I had a good friend get mad at me the other day for being snippy after a low. She caught me RIGHT after I’d eaten - (Sugar was up to 90 or so) - and I made some snappy remark, apologized later - told her I was just feelign crappy from the low - and I have no doubt her attitude was “You’re not low NOW - so why are you not acting like yourself again”

Congrats on being 90! I tend to overcompensate when I go that low and swing way high. :slight_smile: